Enzo Life Sciences PROTEOSTAT Aggresome Detection Kit

19:00 EST 13 Nov 2017 | Australian Life Scientist

Enzo Life Sciences’ PROTEOSTAT Aggresome Detection Kit provides a rapid, specific and quantitative approach to identifying inhibitors relevant to neurodegenerative disease in a cellular context. The kit is suitable for screening compounds of potential therapeutic value, and optimised for antibody co-localisation studies to identify interactions between aggregated protein cargo and the various proteins implicated in autophagy and aggresome formation.

The kit includes a simple assay that does not require non-physiological protein mutations or genetically engineered cell lines. It easily quantifies aggresome and related inclusion bodies by flow cytometry.

The product has been validated under a wide range of conditions and with small molecule modulators. It is particularly useful for the study of neurodegenerative diseases, liver disease, toxicology studies and more.

Original Article: Enzo Life Sciences PROTEOSTAT Aggresome Detection Kit


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