Excision BioTherapeutics Licenses New CRISPR Systems from UC Berkeley

05:50 EST 13 Nov 2017 | Genetic Engineering News

Excision BioTherapeutics has become the first company to exclusively license new   CRISPR   systems discovered last year by Jennifer Doudna, Ph.D., a pioneer of the gene-editing technology, and Jillian Banfield, Ph.D., for use in developing treatments against infectious diseases.   Excision has licensed the new CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) systems for use from the University of California, Berkeley, under an agreement announced today, and whose value was not disclosed.   The new gene editors, discovered from uncultivated microbes, enable the development of new versions of CRISR genome-editing technology, using additional nucleases besides the familiar Cas9.   “A lot of them are smaller, first off, and they can be more packageable. They can potentially be able to be delivered using smaller viruses like adeno-associated virus (AAV). So that’s one advantage,” Thomas ...

Original Article: Excision BioTherapeutics Licenses New CRISPR Systems from UC Berkeley


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