Aperiomics Expands International Market With Milenia Labs

09:27 EST 13 Nov 2017 | Virginia Biotechnology

Aperiomics, a biotechnology company that harnesses the power of deep next-generation sequencing to identify all known pathogens (bacteria, virus, fungi or parasite) in a single test, is partnering with Milenia Labs to further expand its international outreach. Milenia, based in the North Central part of Mexico, operates diagnostic labs in Mexico, South and Central America with providers mainly from the United States, Canada and also from Germany, Switzerland, and France.
Milenia will send biological samples from its customers to Aperiomics for full analysis and identification of all known pathogens. “Aperiomics provides a truly unique service; nothing like it exists anywhere,” said Milenia CEO and founder Dr. Salvador Cardona. “Their team will give us extremely accurate assessments to help our patients and their doctors greatly shorten the time that it takes to identify the cause of infectious diseases.”
Aperiomics CEO and co-founder Dr. Crystal Icenhour, said, “This is a big step forward for both companies. We’re very excited to expand our international reach through Milenia and be able to help its customers solve difficult medical cases quickly and efficiently.”
This has been a big year for both companies. Aperiomics has grown its customer base more than ten-fold during 2017. With each customer (or doctor) representing multiple patients, the company has seen a dramatic increase in the number of patients it serves. Revenue over the first six months alone was higher than the entirety of the company’s revenue since it began operations in 2014.  Milenia is on track to expand to additional markets in Panama and Chile as it is already present in Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela.  Over the next five years it plans to be present in every Latin American city with a population in excess of one million. 

Original Article: Aperiomics Expands International Market With Milenia Labs


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