Cancer Stem Cells “Hedge” Their Bets with Noncanonical Signaling

05:22 EST 22 Jan 2018 | Genetic Engineering News

A collaborative team of scientists working as part of the OncoTrack project—an international consortium of scientists funded as part of the European Innovative Medicines Initiative—have recently discovered that cancer stem cells (CSCs) utilize a non-canonical signaling pathway, employing the Hedgehog protein and a positive regulator of WNT. The research team focused in on this pathway as a potential a treatment option aimed at treating cancers via the targeted elimination of cancer stem cells.    Findings from the new study—published recently in Cell Reports through an article entitled “ Non-Canonical Hedgehog Signaling Is a Positive Regulator of the WNT Pathway and Is Required for the Survival of Colon Cancer Stem Cells ”—could significantly improve treatment outcomes, as this approach requires an in-depth understanding of both the relevant cellular communication pathways within the stem cells, and of the genes regulating them. "The targeted inhibition of the Hedgehog signaling pathway, ...

Original Article: Cancer Stem Cells “Hedge” Their Bets with Noncanonical Signaling


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