fMRI may illuminate brain entropy, intelligence

17:05 EST 14 Feb 2018 | TriMed Media Group

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New York University (NYU) researchers have developed a new technique using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technology to measure the nerve circuits in patients' brains used to interpret and register their surroundings. 

According to a Feb. 13 press release from NYU Langone Health and the NYU School of Medicine, the study focuses on the concept of cognitive nerve connectivity, also known as brain entropy, to define and interpret the brain's actual mental capacity.  

"Our study offers the first solid evidence that fMRI scans of brain entropy are a new means to understanding human intelligence," said lead author Glenn Saxe, MD, a professor in child and adolescent psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine and a member of NYU Langone Health's Neuroscience Institute, in the press release."Human intelligence is so meaningful because it is about the capacity to understand whatever may come, when there is no way beforehand to know what may come. So, an intelligent brain has to be flexible in the number of possible ways its nerve cells, or neurons, may be rearranged."  

According to Saxe, brain entropy could offer further insight into human intelligence and IQ scores. Additionally, if further research is successful, fMRI scans of brain entropy could help assess individuals with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or autism.

Original Article: fMRI may illuminate brain entropy, intelligence


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