GLOBAL DNA SEQUENCING MARKET FORECAST 20182026 [Report Updated: 15012018] Prices from USD $2500

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The Global DNA Sequencing market raised $ 7898 million in 2017. Driven by the rapid pace of research and development, the market is predicted to exhibit a CAGR of 17.64% over the forecast period of 20182026, generating $34087 million by its end.


The Global DNA Sequencing market is segmented on the basis of products, technologies, applications and endusers. The product segment includes sequencing services, bioinformatics, sample kits and reagents, and sequencing instruments and consumables by product type and platform. The technology segment of the market involves pyrosequencing, semiconductor sequencing, sequencing by synthesis, sequencing by ligation SBL, singlemolecule realtime sequencing SMRT, and other technologies. The market finds its application in agriculture animal research, diagnostics, biomarker discovery, drug discovery, personalized medicine, and other applications. The endusers of this market are biotechnology pharmaceutical companies, research centers and government institutes academia, clinics hospitals and others.


Regional segmentation of the market is done into Europe, North America, AsiaPacific and rest of world markets. AsiaPacific is anticipated to be a promising market for DNA Sequencing, driven by growth in the economies of countries like Japan, China and India. The region has also witnessed a rise in lifestyle diseases, which is further fueling the market growth. On the other hand, the North American market is expected to dominate the global scene during the course of the projected years. The region is witnessing a rise in the number of cancer cases, which is significantly contributing to the increase in the demand for this market.


Prominent players in this market are Agilent Technologies Inc, Adaptive Biotechnologies Inc, Appistry Inc, Bgi, Asuragen Inc, Cell Microsystems Inc, Pacific Biosciences, Illumina, Spiral Genetics Inc, Thermo Fisher Scientifi Inc, Roche Diagnostics, Ubiquity Wafergen BioSystems Inc, and Genomics Inc.

Original Article: GLOBAL DNA SEQUENCING MARKET FORECAST 20182026 [Report Updated: 15012018] Prices from USD $2500


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