Canines-N-Kids Foundation Launches National BARKE SALE Initiative, Starting in Loudoun and Fairfax

11:39 EDT 16 Apr 2018 | Businesswire

Canines-N-Kids Foundation

Program Bakes a Way to Raise Awareness, Funds to Fight Cancers Kids & Dogs Both Develop

The Canines-N-Kids Foundation, a nonprofit working to put an end to the cancers kids and man’s best friend both develop, is launching its new signature initiative--the BARKE SALE. Using the traditional bake sale model, the Foundation’s new initiative enables anyone, anywhere to raise funds for cancer research that can speed up the development of better medicines and a cure for both by holding a BARKE SALE with tasty pet and people treats. To kick-off the national effort, Canines-N-Kids is encouraging Loudoun and Fairfax youth and others to plan one during May.

“Who doesn’t love kids and dogs and hate cancer?” said Ulrike Szalay, Executive Director and Founder of Canines-N-Kids. “We receive calls and emails daily, many from kids, who want to help kids and our four legged best friends beat cancer. That’s why we are excited to launch our national BARKE SALE program here in Northern Virginia in May, giving folks a fun way to raise funds for cancer research.”

The Canines-N-Kids’ BARKE SALE gives youth, volunteer, service groups, and even corporations a way to come together for a unique event featuring goodies for people and pets, and to help raise funds for research that can crush cancer at both ends of the leash. The Foundation developed a BARKE SALE kit containing flyers, postcards, a step-by-step instruction guide, cookie cutter, recipes and more. Groups interested in holding a BARKE SALE need to register on the Foundation’s web site——to receive a kit. Information is also being sent to all Loudoun Public School System students via the Peachjar system to encourage them to participate in the May kick off.

According to the American Cancer Society, cancer is the number one cause of disease-related death in children. Nearly 16,000 children in the US will be diagnosed with cancer this year and yet only four drugs have been approved for kids’ cancers the past 40 years. Only four percent of NIH’s budget, and almost no pharma dollars are invested in kids’ cancer today.

For the six million canine patients diagnosed with cancer each year, the outlook is no better. Nearly half of all canines die from cancer. There is little movement behind new (or better) treatments for either of these vulnerable groups. Several cancers develop in both kids and man’s best friend (bone cancer, brain cancer, lymphoma and leukemia). In many cases, these cancers are biologically similar or even indistinguishable between kids and dogs, and also far more prevalent in man’s best friend.

Funds raised through a BARKE SALE will support the Foundation’s work to promote the promising science of comparative oncology – studying and treating spontaneously developing cancer in canine patients when they get sick. The research can help doctors better understand and accelerate the development of better medicines and a cure for kids with those same cancers.

Canines-N-Kids Foundation
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