SAMDI Tech Expands Small Molecule Compound Libraries Through Partnership with Enamine

08:00 EDT 17 Apr 2018 | Businesswire

SAMDI Tech, Inc.

SAMDI Tech, Inc., the industry’s leading provider of label-free drug discovery solutions, has partnered with Enamine, the world's largest supplier of drug-like screening compounds, to expand the number of molecules in their small molecule compound libraries. Through the partnership, SAMDI Tech will be able to offer its clients access to more than a half-million screening compounds.

“This partnership will provide us with the tools we need to continue to deliver increasingly comprehensive solutions to our clients,” said SAMDI Tech CEO Emilio Córdova, PhD, MBA. “With Enamine’s support, not only is it possible for researchers to screen for new leads against their novel targets, but our technology will allow them to narrow them down faster.”

Using its label-free and high-throughput SAMDI assay, the team at SAMDI Tech can screen a client’s target against any number of compounds. As hits are found, Enamine provides support with the follow-up chemistry needed to validate and optimize the compound’s activity.

“We are proud to expand the reach of our compound collection through SAMDI Tech,” said Irina Yavnyuk, director of business development for Enamine.

About SAMDI Tech
SAMDI Tech, Inc., headquartered in Chicago, IL, leads the industry with an innovative approach to drug discovery. SAMDI’s pioneering technology combines surface chemistry and MALDI mass spectrometry in both 384 and 1536 formats for rapid assay development, high-throughput screening and peptide substrate discovery, and supports both biotech and large pharmaceutical companies. Learn more about SAMDI Tech at

About Enamine Ltd.
Established in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1991, Enamine is a chemical company producing building blocks and screening libraries of world reputation. The major asset of the company is the world's largest collection of building blocks: 150,000 in stock with 2,000 additions synthesized each month. These research functionalized compounds provide a significant competitive advantage to the company in supplying custom compound libraries particularly in the frame of medicinal chemistry collaborations and compound collection enhancement programs. Enamine’s REAL (readily accessible) concept is based on the careful and knowledge-guided enumeration and selection of compounds that can be confidently produced from the stock building blocks using more than 100 validated reaction protocols.

SCORR Marketing for SAMDI Tech, Inc.
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