Blackrock Microsystems MRI Compatible Electrophysiology Headstage

20:00 EDT 17 May 2018 | Australian Life Scientist

The MRI Compatible Headstage from Blackrock Microsystems is a lightweight, 16-channel, single-unit, analog recording headstage for small animals that fits in the bore with the animal. It offers users the ability to directly correlate neural activity with the haemodynamic changes present in awake and responsive subjects. It is suitable for a number of applications in the field of electrophysiology involving animals such as rodents, cats and primates.

The headstage works by buffering and then proceeding to transmit neural signals through a coaxial ribbon cable to either a CerePlex A or a front-end amplifier (FEA). The subsequent data is then acquired by a CerePlex Direct or a neural signal processor. It features a shielded ribbon cable for good noise immunity and records single units.

The headstage weighs 0.5 g and has dimensions of 10 x 20 x 2.3 mm. It is compatible with the Utah Array or any other electrodes consisting of an Omnetics 24-pin female connector.

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