WuXi Biologics Plans Big Increase in Manufacturing Capacity

06:03 EDT 26 May 2018 | ChinaBio Today

Over the past month, WuXi Biologics has announced three new manufacturing plants, two of them outside of China -- the first time it has located manufacturing plants in a foreign country. The new facilities represent substantial investments: $390 million for the Ireland plant, $240 million for Shijiazhuang (northern China) and $60 million in Singapore. WuXi completed its first biologics plant in 2012 in Wuxi City, which remained its only manufacturing facility until last year. By 2022, when all its announced facilities are expected to be GMP certified, WuXi will have ten plants operating with a total capacity of 222,700 liters annually, up from zero production capacity in 2011. More details....

Stock Symbol: (HK: 2269)

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Original Article: WuXi Biologics Plans Big Increase in Manufacturing Capacity


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