TCGA Researchers Generate Genomic and Epigenomic Map of Testicular Cancer

05:13 EDT 13 Jun 2018 | Genetic Engineering News

Testicular germ cell tumors (TGCTs) are one of the most common type of cancer in young men of European descent, and are considered to be among the most curable. Researchers for The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Research Network now report on the results of a comprehensive genetic and epigenetic analysis of 137 TGCTs, which has identified molecular features of the different types of TGCT. They suggest the findings could help to stratify patients and so improve treatment decision making, aid patient monitoring, and offer up new potential therapeutic targets.   "We now have a better understanding of the molecular characteristics of the histological subtypes of testicular germ cell cancers," says UNC Lineberger's Katherine Hoadley, Ph.D., assistant professor in the UNC School of Medicine Department of Genetics, and corresponding author of the team’s report, entitled, “ Integrated molecular characterization of testicular germ cell tumors ,” which is published in Cell ...

Original Article: TCGA Researchers Generate Genomic and Epigenomic Map of Testicular Cancer


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