Probiotic, Live Vaccine Both Curb Cholera

07:08 EDT 14 Jun 2018 | Genetic Engineering News

New probiotic and vaccine-based interventions have been shown to suppress cholera in animal models, indicated two research articles, both of which appeared June 13 in the journal Science Translational Medicine . The probiotic intervention, developed by a team of scientists based at MIT, consists of a mix of natural and engineered Lactococcus bacteria. The vaccine-based intervention, developed by a team of scientists based at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BMH) and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), is a genetically “defanged” version of HaitiWT, a particularly virulent strain of Vibrio cholerae . The MIT team's new probiotic mix could be consumed regularly as a preventative measure in regions where cholera is common, or used to treat people soon after infection occurs, said James Collins, Ph.D., a professor of biomedical engineering and the senior author of one of the new STM articles. In this article, “Probiotic Strains Detect and Suppress ...

Original Article: Probiotic, Live Vaccine Both Curb Cholera


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