Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Drug Repurposing will be Highlighted at 7th Annual Drug Repositioning, Repurposing and Rescue Conference

10:50 EDT 14 Jun 2018 | PR Web

Artificial Intelligence Improves Efficiency of Drug Development, and Increases Likelihood of Success in Clinical Trials


Artificial intelligence will be one of the key themes explored by pharma executives, academicians, researchers and patient advocacy groups as they unite to explore alternatives to traditional drug discovery and development at the 7th Annual Drug Repositioning, Repurposing and Rescue Conference. Each year, the conference brings together leaders and high-level executives from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries to discuss key issues and the latest developments in the fields of drug repositioning, repurposing and rescue. This year’s agenda will feature several opportunities to engage in learning and discussion about the role of artificial intelligence in improving the efficiency and success rate of drug development, testing and approvals.

“Artificial intelligence helps pharmaceutical companies identify additional benefits to be derived from drugs already approved by the FDA, so early stages of drug development can be bypassed,” said John Waslif, Managing Director of Arrowhead Publishers. “Through this and additional functional benefits in the testing process, AI opens opportunity for patients to access new treatments more quickly. We’re proud to have some of the world’s foremost leaders in artificial intelligence sharing key learnings and technological advancements that conference attendees can immediately apply to their current drug repurposing efforts across the fields of pharma, academia and research.”

With new technologies and approaches, drug repositioning has emerged as a potentially cost-effective way to streamline the drug development process and provide new treatments to patients more quickly. Both approved drugs and those that have proven safe in Phase I/II trials save vast amounts of clinical development time and money. By mining existing drugs for new uses, researchers can focus solely on the clinical testing portion of the approval process, shortening development timelines. Past successes have led to a more systematic approach, whereby existing compounds are being tested to identify their promise in treating both common and neglected diseases faster and with greater success.

Artificial intelligence is aiding these efforts by improving the efficiency of drug development, providing new insights into disease drug targets and thus improving the odds that clinical development trials will be successful. At this year's event, we have leaders from Biovista, a repurposing pioneer, Benevolent AI, IBM Watson Health and nference/Qrativ and HealX to discuss the means by which they are advancing the field of repurposing utilizing AI.

As the longest-running conference in the space, the 7th Annual Drug Repositioning, Repurposing and Rescue Conference has a long tradition of consistently drawing key influencers among related fields, exposing attendees to the latest findings and insights from thought leaders and innovators. And, with leaders from research and industry sitting together, new insights spur exploration and collaboration in the advancement of new medical solutions. The conference will be held June 26-27 at the Wyndham Grand Chicago Riverfront.

Systems medicine, systems biology, screening, informatics and genetics are also all being utilized to improve the efficacy and precision of drug repurposing trials. We're delighted to have a number of speakers covering these subjects at this year's conference as well. Leaders from Vanderbilt, the Broad Institute, Houston Methodist and Maastricht University will be on hand to illustrate the progress they are making to streamline and advance repurposing efforts.

This year’s Drug Repositioning Conference also will provide examples from patient advocacy efforts, partnerships and collaborative successes, commercial case studies, as well as systematic repositioning and data analytics.

Scheduled in collaboration with the Global Health Repurposing Awards, conference attendees may also wish to register for the awards event, which celebrates patient impact created through repurposing research. The program raises funds for Cures Within Reach, a non-profit dedicated to improving patient lives through repurposing. More information about that event can be found at

There are several ways to participate in the 7th Annual Drug Repositioning, Repurposing and Rescue Conference.

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