Polyclonal Anti-rat Acetylserotonin Methyl Transferase (ASMT)

20:00 EDT 24 Apr 2016 | NIH

Rabbits were immunized with peptide corresponding to residues 308-321 of rat ASMT. Human ASMT and ASMT of other species do not have this sequence and the anti-ASMT would be specific for the rat ASMT. Antibody specificity to the peptide used as immunogen was verified by blocking the antibody’s reactivity with pineal gland tissue with the immunogen. In western blot, the rabbit anti-ASMT serum only reacts with pineal gland and retinal tissue and identifies a band corresponding to the size of the predicted protein. In immunohistochemistry, the reagents only identify pinealocytes.

Original Article: Polyclonal Anti-rat Acetylserotonin Methyl Transferase (ASMT)


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