Got Milk? Roche to Apply PureTech Exosomes Platform in $1B+ Collaboration

05:40 EDT 20 Jul 2018 | Genetic Engineering News

Roche will work to enable oral administration of its antisense oligonucleotide platform using PureTech Health’s milk-derived exosome technology, through a collaboration that PureTech said today could generate for it more than $1 billion. Under the multi-year collaboration, Roche will study applying PureTech’s milk exosomes tech, which is designed to facilitate oral delivery of macromolecules such as nucleic acids and peptides, as well as complex small molecules. PureTech reasons that the exosomes, which are believed to traffic via lymphatic circulation, could potentially enable new treatments though novel ways of targeting immune cells. Since the exosomes are mammalian-derived, according to the company, their natural composition will likely provide superior tolerability over current synthetic polymers. The challenge, according to PureTech, is that most sources of mammalian exosomes are not suitable or viable for use in oral administration of drugs due to their lack of stability under the harsh physiologic ...

Original Article: Got Milk? Roche to Apply PureTech Exosomes Platform in $1B+ Collaboration


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