Illumina Nextera Flex for Enrichment sequencing solution

19:00 EST 29 Nov 2018 | Australian Life Scientist

The Illumina Nextera Flex for Enrichment is a fast and flexible targeted sequencing solution for DNA.

Combining the Nextera DNA Flex bead-based transposome technology with a single hybridisation enrichment workflow, users can get a comprehensive and extensible menu of content.

The solution supports a broad DNA input range (50–1000 ng) and multiple sample types, including blood, saliva, genomic DNA, and formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue.

Other features include: 6.5 h turnaround time and 2 h hands-on time; compatible with FFPE samples; oligo pool agnostic — work with custom panels, fixed panels and whole exome panels; works with all Illumina sequencing systems and optimised specifically for high-throughput systems.

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