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08:15 EST 19 Feb 2019 | BioPortfolio

Dorchester, 19th February 2019:  Following the circulation of our Private Memorandum Document - "BioPortfolio Ltd - Acquisition Opportunity" last month we are forwarding further details on pricing and our proposed stages to conclude the transfer of the business to a new owner.

Peter Barfoot is anticipating between two to three times annual turnover.  For the current financial year ending March 2019, BioPortfolio are projecting a turnover of £25,000, this results in a valuation of between £50,000 to £75,000.

Confidentiality Agreement
If your organisation are interested in receiving further information on the business BioPortfolio will forward our Confidentiality Agreement, which will allow access to our Google Analytics statistics, accountant and our web designer, Alacrify Limited.

Share Transfer Agreement
On the completion of discussions with potential buyers BioPortfolio will conclude the transfer of the business via a Share Transfer Agreement. 

The day-to-day running of the business is not affected by the change of ownership, as Alacrify Limited are contracted to run the website and upload press releases and reports.

Yours sincerely

Peter D Barfoot
Managing Director
BioPortfolio Limited

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About BioPortfolio - The Web Portal for the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Sectors & Specialised Market Research Report Store

“a well-established web platform with enormous potential to capitalize on the growing information demands of the global life-science sector”

  • Site Authority -Google Page Rank 6, Domain Authority 58, Page Authority 52, Page speed 84/100
  • Site Readership - solid loyal user base – 100,000 monthly users, of which 8,000+ repeat visitors
  • Social Media - 127,000+ followers across 200+ accounts and growing daily
  • Website architecture - professionally designed website with optimised database structure and code – an “off-the-shelf” solution
  • Content Management System to manage content & create scheduled tasks
  • Dynamic and self-generating content - continuous tracking and updating of the latest news, research, clinical trials, companies and drugs in the life-sciences and related industries
  • MyBioPortfolio Member Service – option to develop subscription service with registered users to track by keyword and publish content
  • Internet presence - over one million pages indexed on Google and growing daily by several hundred
  • Commercial opportunity – Three established revenue streams that could grow exponentially with a new owner with an established bio-related business.

The Acquisition Opportunity

BioPortfolio Limited was registered in February 1997 in England – Registration Number 03312883 (the “Company”).  The Company launched (the “Site”) in the same month and has continuously published life-science information to a global audience.  The Site has become one of leading life-science web portal specializing in the delivery of the most recent corporate news, research papers, clinical trials, market research and drug information. 
The Site has a well-established and loyal readership, placing it on as the number one pharmaceutical and biotechnology directory.  Readership has been built on the unique delivery of continuous, timely information, sourced from several hundred selected sources.  Decision-makers in the life-science space, healthcare professionals and individuals interested in medical conditions and diseases can readily track new content as it is published.
The Site has been designed to be self-generating and updates automatically.  The Site currently has over one million pages indexed in Google and an average monthly readership in excess of 100,000 users who view 155,000+ pages.  Daily, several hundred pages are dynamically created via XML and RSS feeds from 700+ scheduled tasks that access, save and categorise the novel content into the news, research papers, clinical trials, reports, drugs and corporate databases.
To enhance the Company’s social media presence over 200 social media accounts, using the domain “”, are continuously posting new content as it becomes available.  This has resulted in 127,000+ social media followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.
The Company’s revenue is derived from three core sources; the market report eCommerce store –; advertising; and the publishing of press releases.
The Company and the Site have been structured to provide the new owner with an “off-the-shelf” solution with:

  • a clean business platform and revenue stream
  • a professionally designed website with a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS)
  • well documented clear computer code, which can be readily adopted by an advanced web programmer. 

The purchasers will acquire:

1. Domains –,, and
2. Global readership – underpinned by Google Page Ranking of 6, Domain Authority of 58 having risen from 53 in 2017, Page Authority 52 and over one million URLs indexed by Google
3. Content Management System – the user-friendly interface allows press releases, news feeds, channels and topics to be added, amended or deleted, the running of scheduled tasks and management of MyBioPortfolio members
4. Source code – the Site comprises several databases supported by files that control the running of the Site and its design
5. Agreements – news content providers and reseller agreements with report publishers
6. Revenue stream of £41,557 (2017-18) based on advertising, press release publishing and report sales.  Gross Profit of £15,118
7. Social Media Followers – 127,000+ from 200 accounts
8. Option to contract Alacrify Limited to continue the daily running of the Site.

Over the last ten years the Company has worked closely with Alacrify, a web design company based in Dorchester, Dorset.  Alacrify have written the underlining code and optimized the database structure and operation, which delivers continuous and timely information, which is dynamically presented on desktops, tablets and smartphones.  The day-to-day running of the Site is currently contracted to Alacrify Ltd.
Peter Barfoot, the major shareholder is now seeking a buyer that can fully realise the potential of the business by exploiting the current revenue streams and building on new opportunities, such as a subscription-based model and enhanced advertising/sponsorship.  Organizations operating in the life-science information, media, events or supply industries would be well placed to exploit the extensive readership and web presence.

This document provides non-confidential information on the business to allow prospective buyers to initially evaluate this unique opportunity.  For further information either email Peter Barfoot, Managing Director,, or telephone +44 (0)1300 321501.

Following initial discussions selected prospective buyers will be provided with requested additional confidential information.  For the purposes of due diligence prospective buyers will be provided access to our office at Wessex Barn, Frampton, Dorchester, Dorset and a meeting will be arranged with Alacrify to discuss database structure, code etc.

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