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Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm that delivers customized analytics solutions, has announced the completion of their article on the role of healthcare analytics in improving healthcare operations globally. This article highlights the impact that healthcare analytics solutions can have on businesses. It also gives an overview of how healthcare analytics solutions can help businesses in operating better by offering real-time information that can support decision making and deliver actionable insights.

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Adoption of digital tools like electronic health records (EHRs) has made data more structured in the healthcare industry. Additionally, it has improved the analysis to a large extent. Furthermore, the emergence of artificial intelligence and machine learning has made predictions and inferences easier than before. Ideas of video calls, doctor-on-demand, and Wi-Fi-enabled blood pressure monitors were a fantasy a few years ago. But today they are real and mainstream. This is persuading both healthcare providers and customers to adopt healthcare analytics rapidly to cut down costs, enhance patient engagement, and improve efficiency.

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Benefits of healthcare analytics:

Identifying and targeting the right people

Health plan serves a diverse group of people who may be at any point along the continuum of wellness and health. Healthcare analytics can help healthcare companies to identify people who are at high risk and could benefit from various healthcare measures like weight management, additional screenings, and smoking cessation programs. Furthermore, healthcare analytics helps in providing care to those who need it best. Healthcare analytics can also help in analyzing the factors that motivate people and that can change their behavior.

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Automating ad hoc visual analysis

Healthcare analytics helps companies in automating spreadsheets for ad hoc financial reporting in healthcare. This eliminates the tendency of mistakes that are made at the expense of efficiency, accuracy, and time. Data visualization also helps businesses automate processes and improve time-to-insight. Furthermore, by leveraging healthcare analytics healthcare service providers can realize a significant improvement in patient access, revenue, reduction in cost, and increased asset utilization.

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Reducing inefficiencies in the supply chain

Healthcare companies gather a large amount of data which is stored in silos across the entire enterprise which makes it difficult to identify the opportunities of savings in the thousands of daily supply chains. Healthcare analytics aids in connecting these islands of information which leads to better buying decisions. Additionally, it provides the ability to collect and blend data on a common field. By leveraging healthcare analytics, companies can create dashboards with data from various sources which offers 360-degree assessments of supply chains.

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