Dr. Andres Sanchez Offers Minimally Invasive Alternative for Gum Disease in Edina, MN

07:40 EDT 30 Apr 2019 | PR Web

Dr. Andres Sanchez, board-certified periodontist, welcomes patients with gum disease in Edina, MN for minimally invasive LANAP®. Patients with bleeding gums, bad breath, and loose teeth are encouraged to schedule a consultation before their condition progresses.

Edina, MN (PRWEB) April 30, 2019

Board-certified periodontist, Dr. Andres Sanchez of PerioWest, invites patients with swollen or bleeding gums and other signs of gum disease in Edina, MN to experience minimally invasive LANAP®. The alternative therapy to traditional osseous surgery improves patient comfort and healing by eliminating the need for scalpels, incisions, or sutures.

Gum disease is a progressive oral condition characterized by inflammation and infection of the gum tissue. The first stage, gingivitis, begins with a buildup of toxin-releasing plaque and tartar on the teeth above and below the gumline. Symptoms include red and bleeding gums, receding gums, sensitive or loose teeth, and pockets developing between the teeth. Untreated gum disease destroys healthy tissue and bone, increasing the risk for loose teeth and even tooth loss. Bacteria associated with infected tissue can also spread to other parts of the mouth and through the body. In addition, recent scientific research suggests a link between the low-grade inflammation of gum disease and systemic complications, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Traditionally, gum disease is treated through osseous surgery. This involves using scalpels to remove diseased tissue as well as incising the gum tissue to reach and remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. Osseous surgery is often uncomfortable and time-consuming for patients and can require lengthy recovery times.

LANAP eliminates the need for scalpels, incisions, and sutures by using targeted laser light to vaporize bacteria and diseased tissue, without harming healthy tissues. The specialized dental lasers used in gum therapy also cauterize the treatment site for faster, healthier healing and jumpstart the regeneration of new hard and soft tissue growth. Gum therapy with laser technology is streamlined and comfortable, and comprehensive treatment for gum disease is often completed in a single, convenient appointment. LANAP minimizes pain, bleeding, and swelling during and after the procedure and is so gentle, patients can enjoy a return to normal activities the day of or the day after treatment.

Patients concerned about their receding and bleeding gums, loose teeth or other symptoms of gum disease in Edina, MN should contact PerioWest in Eden Prairie, MN for a consultation as soon as possible. Timely treatment ensures the long-term health of the gums and promotes better overall health. Patients can schedule an appointment by calling 952-479-4705 or by visiting

About the Practice

PerioWest is a periodontal practice offering personalized dental care for patients in Eden Prairie, MN and the Twin Cities areas. Dr. Andres R. Sanchez received his Certificate & Master’s Degree in Periodontics from the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Minnesota in 2004. He is a Board-Certified periodontist and a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. In addition, Dr. Sanchez has been involved as a primary author in more than ten scientific papers published in major periodontal and implant dentistry journals. To learn more about Dr. Sanchez and the services he provides, please visit his website at or call 952-479-4705.

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