Eppendorf Rotor FA-6x250 for centrifugation

20:00 EDT 30 Apr 2019 | Australian Life Scientist

Eppendorf has introduced the high-capacity fixed-angle Rotor FA-6x250 for up to 6 x 250 mL bottles. The Rotor FA-6x250 extends the application range of the large benchtop Centrifuges 5910 R and 5920 R, which encompasses harvesting of bacteria, algae and yeast, as well as mammalian cells, in vessels up to 250 mL. An additional area of application now includes plasmid DNA extractions and lysate clearance following cell lysis.

A broad selection of 12 different adapters minimises the need for cumbersome rotor exchanges during the workflow. This simplifies handling and saves time.

The Eppendorf Centrifuges 5910 R and 5920 R also offer a large variety of rotors, thus serving countless applications in vessels ranging from 0.5 to 1000 mL in volume. The fixed-angle rotor FA-6x250 now delivers a speed of up to 15,054 x g for volumes up to 250 mL.

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