Claritag Skincare Expands Advanced At-Home Skin Tag Removal Product Line Just in Time for Summer

08:00 EDT 9 May 2019 | Businesswire


Cryogenic-based refill kit brings dermatologist-quality skin tag removal results - announced just in time for summer

Claritag™, the leading beauty solution for at-home skin tag removal, has announced due to increasing demand, it will expand its cryogenics skincare product line to include refill kits for its new Claritag product, available just in time to achieve flawless, summer-ready skin. Developed by leading dermatologists and skincare professionals, Claritag’s innovative proprietary product safely removes unwanted skin tags in the convenience of one’s home.

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Claritag Skincare Expands Advanced At-Home Skin Tag Removal Product Line Just in Time for Summer (Ph ...

Claritag Skincare Expands Advanced At-Home Skin Tag Removal Product Line Just in Time for Summer (Photo: Business Wire)

“It's not uncommon for people to have multiple skin tags on their body, or even for them to re-emerge over time after removal,” states Jeremy Josephson, CEO, DGI Technology, Inc., the manufacturer of Claritag and other cosmetic beauty products. “Today, people everywhere are pressed for time and money. The Claritag refill kits extend the life of your Claritag device and reduce the cost of beauty maintenance with the convenience of treating multiple skin tags at home and at your convenience.”

The new refill kits, which are designed for the recently optimized Claritag priming tray, allow more of the cryogenic solution to be used for multiple tags, resulting in a powerful at-home skin tag removal process.

Identifying and Removing Those Pesky Skin Tags
Dr. Steven Weissman, a Board-Certified Dermatologist in New York City says that skin tags generally are differentiated from moles by appearance and by location. Skin tags are soft hanging growths typically found on the neck, underarms, and groin areas, whereas a mole can be found anywhere on the body and are typically flat or dome-shaped. Skin tags are attached to the skin by a thin stalk and are usually skin colored. Unlike moles, skin tags can be removed safely at home.

An At-Home Dermatologist-Backed Solution
Claritag utilizes advanced cryogenic technology to freeze skin tags instantly. The device is loaded with foam treatment pads, which are activated via a liquid cooling gas when applied to the skin tag. After the initial 20-second application, users allow for 20 seconds of thawing before reapplying another 20-second retreatment of the skin tag. Post-treatment, the skin tag will fall off naturally within 7-14 days. During this time, new healthy skin will form beneath the treated area.

Claritag Recommendations for Summertime Skin
According to Dr. Weissman, using Claritag is a safe, inexpensive and efficient way to achieve smooth skin for summer and should be combined with other skin care treatments to keep skin safe and healthy.

“Studies show that one in five people will develop skin cancer with excessive exposure to the sun - the number one cause for Melanoma. As we head into warmer weather, people need to be aware that 80% of exposure damage is done during the summer months, and having a good skin care routine is important,” states Dr. Weissman.

Waterproof sunscreen applications of 30 SPF (or greater) broad spectrum with UVA and UVB protection combined with Claritag skin tag removal is recommended to showcase great skin. Dr. Weissman shares an insider tip for Claritag users, “Taking care of your skin is not just a morning routine. Combining Claritag with a good over the counter retinoid cream skin care product such as Adapalen will help create that smooth radiant skin people want to show off during the summer months.”

About the Claritag Product At-a-Glance
Claritag is a quick, safe, and effective skin tag removal device that utilizes advanced cryogenic technology to freeze skin tags instantly. Highlights include:

  • Clinically proven to remove skin tags effectively, safely and painlessly
  • Developed by dermatologists with the same cryo-freeze technology used at the doctor’s office
  • Proven to work on all skin types
  • Skin tags will fall off within 7-14 days following treatment
  • Includes up to 10 treatments per kit (just $5/tag removal)

Claritag Pricing and Availability
Claritag is available today for $49.95 USD through, Walmart and Amazon. For more information please visit

The new Claritag refill kits will be available in early summer through the website Each refill kit contains a replacement operating system including the main body and inner body holding new cryogenic refill canisters; a replacement short operating manual; and a new pack of treatment pads that provide an additional ten skin tag treatments.

About DGI Technologies, Inc.
DGI Technology, LLC is focused on delivering premium skincare devices. Continuously exploring ways to enhance the use and experience of its consumer-friendly skincare products, the DGI Technology executive team is deeply involved in all aspects of the design and production process. To learn more about DGI Technology’s latest premium skincare innovation, Claritag, please visit

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