Paion (PA8) - Filed for approval in US, Europe and China

13:38 EDT 14 May 2019 | Edison Investment Research

Edison Investment Research - Pharmaceuticals & healthcare - Paion: Paion achieved a major milestone in April when partner Cosmo filed for approval of remimazolam in procedural sedation (PS) in the US. This adds to filings in Q418 by partners for general anaesthesia (GA) in Japan and for PS in China. Remimazolam is an ultra-short-acting sedative/anaesthetic that combines the best features of propofol and midazolam. We expect its rapid onset and offset of action combined with a favourable cardio-respiratory safety profile to drive market uptake, if approved. Paion intends to self-commercialise remimazolam for GA and PS in select countries in Europe if it gains approval. Additional partners are seeking approvals in other territories. We increase our valuation to €317m or €4.96 per share.
ISIN: DE000A0B65S3

Original Article: Paion (PA8) - Filed for approval in US, Europe and China


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