NEW AutoCOL, the First Fully Automated Walk-Away Colony Counting System from Synbiosis - Premiers on Booth 4630 at ASM in San Francisco

04:46 EDT 17 May 2019 | Syngene


May 16th 2019 Cambridge, UK: Synbiosis, a long-established, expert manufacturer of automated microbiological systems, is delighted to announce its new AutoCOL fully automated colony counting system will be on show for the first time at Booth 4630, ASM Microbe 2019, on 21-23 June. The integrated system allows microbiologists to load plates and count colonies on up to 100 plates in 30 minutes and is ideal for improving throughput and accuracy in highly regulated laboratories.

The new AutoCOL integrates a simple to set up modern interface and software with an automated plate feeder and colony counter. The plate feeder, which holds up to a hundred 90 mm plates in a 12-position carousel, automatically identifies plates using the AutoCOL’s sophisticated barcode reader and counts colonies on any agar plate. With AutoCOL, microbiologists can set pass/fail limits and the system will track and stack pass/fail plates in specific positions after reading them, ensuring accurate, walk-away counts for microbial applications such as environmental monitoring, QC labs, bioburden testing and water analysis.

Built around Synbiosis’s tried and trusted ProtoCOL 3 technology, AutoCOL features a high-resolution CCD camera and unique three colour lighting, producing precise images of a range of different plates. The system’s software counts colonies, generating accurate results which can be automatically downloaded to formats such as PDF, Excel/OpenOffice or a LIMS system, with plate images stored in an SQL database. This eliminates keying and data transfer errors, generating reproducible, traceable results that are consistent from one microbiologist to another. 

Featuring user access levels and a full audit trail with user login and logout records, AutoCOL can be used in a 21 CFR Part 11 environment. The archived results are suitable for creating quality reports for audit by regulatory authorities, making AutoCOL suitable for use in highly regulated microbiology laboratories.

“We’re excited to be unveiling AutoCOL at ASM Microbe this year because it is our first truly walk-away, colony counting system,” comments Kate George, Sales and Technical Director at Synbiosis. “We look forward to welcoming scientists on to Synbiosis Booth 4630, where they will discover how AutoCOL is saving time and improving count consistency in the high-throughput CRO and pharmaceutical company laboratories where this innovative technology is being trialled.” 


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About Synbiosis

Synbiosis is a world-leading supplier of integrated imaging solutions for automatic counting and analysis of microbial colonies and zone measurement. The ProtoCOL, Protos and aCOLyte systems from Synbiosis are installed in food, pharmaceutical, environmental and research microbiology laboratories world-wide.  ChromaZona is an IVD certified instrument for automated microbial ID and AST in the clinical laboratory. Synbiosis uses established distribution channels to market its products internationally.

Synbiosis, founded in 1998 is a division of the Synoptics Group of the AIM quoted Scientific Digital Imaging Company based in Cambridge, UK. The Group’s other divisions, Syngene and Synoptics Health, specialise in digital imaging solutions for molecular biology and healthcare applications respectively. Synoptics, which celebrated its 30th anniversary of being in business in 2015, currently employs 40 people in its UK and subsidiary operation in Frederick, USA.


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