JEOL JSM-F100 Schottky field emission scanning electron microscope

20:00 EDT 7 Aug 2019 | Australian Life Scientist

JEOL has announced the JSM-F100 — a Schottky field emission scanning electron microscope (SEM) for use in a wide range of fields, such as nanotechnology, metals, semiconductors, ceramics, medicine and biology.

As SEM applications are expanding to not only cover research and development but also address quality control and product inspection at manufacturing sites, SEM users are in need of fast high-quality data acquisition, as well as simple compositional information confirmation with seamless analytical operation. To meet these demands, the JSM-F100 incorporates JEOL’s In-lens Schottky Plus field emission electron gun and Neo Engine electron optical control system, as well as an SEM Center GUI and a LIVE-AI (Live Image Visual Enhancer-Artificial Intelligence) filter. This enables a combination of high spatial resolution imaging and high operability.

Inspired by users in pursuing the evolution and integration of high performance and operability, the JSM-F100 has been designed to achieve a work efficiency 50% or higher than that of the company’s previous JSM-7000 series, leading to increased high throughput capabilities. The product comes with a JEOL energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS), which is fully integrated within SEM Center for seamless acquisition from images to elemental analysis results.

Original Article: JEOL JSM-F100 Schottky field emission scanning electron microscope


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