TESCAN CLARA scanning electron microscope

20:00 EDT 15 Aug 2019 | Australian Life Scientist

The TESCAN CLARA is a versatile, ultrahigh-resolution scanning electron microscope (SEM) that has been designed with the needs of materials scientists in mind, providing high performance across an array of different material types.

Achieving sub-nanometre resolution, the product reveals fine details about the structure of the user’s material. TESCAN’s Wide Field Optics allow users to quickly locate areas of interest at magnifications as low as 2x before zooming in to understand their make-up.

The device offers high resolution at low beam energies, making it suitable for imaging beam sensitive and non-conductive samples. Good low energy performance also makes it suitable for surface topography measurements. It is thus useful for central analytical facilities and materials research labs that value not only low kV resolution, but also the ability to select secondary and backscattered electron contrast methods to explore the information that the sample may contain.

While the system’s optics have been designed specifically for imaging, the chamber has been optimised for microanalysis. It has been designed to integrate a large number of analytical detectors and spectrometers, allowing users to customise the configuration to suit their specific application and providing the flexibility to carry out complex experiments.

The product will be useful for any central imaging facility, materials characterisation lab or industrial inspection operation, due to its next-generation hardware and precision optics. The intuitive and modular user interface can be tailored to the needs of each operator, streamlining their individual workflows. Set-up routines and optimal imaging conditions enable novice users to easily capture high-quality images and bring high-end functionalities within reach.

The SEM is designed to meet the needs of multipurpose microscopy facilities interested in morphological and compositional analysis of materials at the micro and nanoscale. Its imaging capabilities are useful across a range of applications, from high-end research to teaching.

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