ActivOrtho Announces First U.S. Implant of the Nitinol Continuous Compression Screw

07:00 EDT 11 Sep 2019 | Businesswire

ActivOrtho, Inc. (“ActivOrtho”), having recently received 510(K) clearance by the FDA to market the Continuous Compression Screw System, announced its first human clinical implant.

Utilizing a one-piece laser cut nitinol screw design, ActivOrtho’s Active Compression Technology (“ACT”) provides compression as bones readjust or resorb during the healing process. Unlike standard screws, ACT adapts to dynamic situations by changing length with the appropriate amount of active compression. Like nitinol staples, but using an intramedullary approach, the ActivOrtho screw is designed to improve healing for a broad range of indications.

Co-Founder and Director of ActivOrtho, Andrew Palmer, MD, declared the surgical case “a success with implantation as expected. The ActivOrtho nitinol compression screw is the industry’s first single piece screw that offers continuous compression for bone fusions, fractures, and osteotomies.”

Kent Ellington, MD, of OrthoCarolina performed the first human clinical implant. Dr. Ellington was pleased with the implant’s outcome and stated, “I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the new ActivOrtho Continuous Compression screw. The instrumentation is efficient, and the surgical procedure allows for a robust clinical result. I am looking forward to utilizing this technology in multiple indications and helping the team expand ActivOrtho’s continuous compression technology portfolio.”

Paul Hindrichs, Chief Executive Officer of ActivOrtho, added, “We are very excited to have successfully completed the first US implant with Dr. Kent Ellington. We have been working in conjunction with a group of leading surgeon advisers to develop this platform, and look forward to having a positive clinical impact for patients in a number of different indications.”

The ActivOrtho system offers a comprehensive set of implants and instruments designed to facilitate the most effective procedure with due considerations for anatomical variations and different surgical approaches. It is designed to offer appropriate active compression throughout the healing process leading to more rapid bone healing and decrease in nonunion. ActivOrtho’s Continuous Compression Screw system is indicated for use in bone reconstruction, osteotomy, arthrodesis, joint fusion and fracture fixation of small bones and small bone fragments.

About ActivOrtho, Inc.

ActivOrtho is a privately held medical device company located in Minneapolis, MN. The company, which develops state of the art nitinol-based products, has successfully developed and obtained approval for its 4.0 Active Continuous Compression screw and is developing other sizes for testing and approval.

ActivOrtho, Inc.
Paul Hindrichs
President & CEO


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