“Botox Wars”

08:00 EDT 13 Sep 2019 | Businesswire
Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center

The People Have Spoken And One Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon Has Listened

Dr. Jon E. Mendelsohn, Medical Director of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center in Cincinnati, was a “pioneer” in the Botox arena. As a national Botox leader, he was one of the first physicians in Greater Cincinnati to start using the product more than 20 years ago. To help educate a somewhat skeptical public, Mendelsohn hosted Cincinnati’s first educational Botox party in 2002. A widely recognized national leader in injectables, Mendelsohn has seen it all over the years. Originally priced at $25 per unit, Botox fluctuates in price anywhere from $12 to $17 per unit nationally.

Says Mendelsohn, “Botox has been around now for 20 years. It’s become so prevalent in our society that it seems that everyone has gotten into the game – dermatologists, dentists and even gynecologists! But can they give you the same precision and level of expertise as a professional surgery center – who is a national leader in injectables? Our new Studio A division for injectables and skin care is staffed by four highly trained medical professionals and our long-time aesthetician. Our PA Karen Whitney is one of only 210 injectors across the U.S. to be chosen as an Allergan ACE trainer. This means that she trains other medical professionals on the proper injecting techniques.

We are Allergan's largest account in the Greater Cincinnati area, and we are in the top 1% nationally, striving to be accessible to all – assuring that everyone can look and feel their best. Our patients have spoken and I have listened. People want to look their best without making extraordinary financial decisions. No one should ever have to give up another comfort or even a necessity to look and feel great. And they deserve to be treated with the highest standards, professionalism, cutting edge technology and comforts that an industry leader can provide.

For this reason, we are rewarding our current patients and their friends with affordable Botox pricing at just $7.99 per unit, something that has never before been offered on a national level. So, you no longer have to make a choice between getting your hair colored or nails done or Botox – here at Advanced you can have it all!”

According to Mendelsohn, the average patient needs approximately 20-24 units per site treated (e.g., crow’s feet, forehead lines, etc.). That comes to just $159.80-$191.76 per area.

Dr. Jon E. Mendelsohn is the Medical Director of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center in Rookwood Office Tower. A renowned specialist in Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Mendelsohn is double Board Certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and also the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery and has performed more than 3,000 facelifts in his career. Mendelsohn has been featured in the national media - including USA Today and CNN New Day, as well as The Doctors TV show. For more information, visit

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