VIAVI OnSite-W handheld wireless spectrometer

20:00 EDT 19 Sep 2019 | Australian Life Scientist

VIAVI has introduced a near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer for rapid, handheld material analysis. The OnSite-W is claimed to be the industry’s smallest IP67-rated, fully integrated spectrometer, designed for varied applications in agricultural, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Its wireless Bluetooth connectivity to a PC or tablet makes it suited to factory and field uses.

Advancements in miniaturised NIR spectroscopy are opening more applications for material analysis across a wide range of industries. Measurements and material qualifications that once took days when conducted by technical personnel in a laboratory can now be done instantly in the field by nontechnical workers. Material characterisation applications include food, feed, agriculture, pharmaceutical, chemical and security markets.

The OnSite-W is especially suited to pharmaceutical raw material identification (RMID), characterisation of agricultural products in the field, and qualification of processed food and feed products. A dedicated tablet application provides users with a simplified interface for rapid predictions in the field.

The spectrometer features VIAVI’s Linear Variable Filter (LVF) technology, which eliminates all moving parts and enables a robust instrument that delivers repeatable measurements. With an IP65 and IP67 rating, it is suitable for use in wet and dusty environments. The product also holds the MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2 shock and vibration rating.

The system includes MicroNIR Pro 3.0 software, a major upgrade to the VIAVI chemometrics modelling software suite. The addition of the PLS quantitative model-building tool means that no extra third-party software is required to build complete chemometric applications.

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