MPEG LA Announces Peer Reviewed Article Featured in Nucleic Acid Therapeutics

08:00 EDT 2 Oct 2019 | Businesswire

Article details the use of multimeric oligonucleotides to improve intracellular conjugate delivery

World technology licensing leader MPEG LA today announced publication of a peer reviewed article in the October 2019 issue of Nucleic Acid Therapeutics on MPEG LA’s proprietary Increscent Therapeutics™ ligand-directed multiple payload oligonucleotide delivery platform.

“MPEG LA is proud to chart new territory with its development of a technology platform enabling drug developers to use oligonucleotide therapies to address new targets including cancer and those affecting the central nervous system,” said MPEG LA President and CEO Larry Horn.

According to principal author and innovator Dr. Jonathan Miles Brown, “The article concludes that delivery of multimeric oligonucleotide therapeutic agents to modulate gene expression or translation using MPEG LA’s Increscent Therapeutics™ may be of critical importance for effectively targeting cell/receptor types where ligand affinity, receptor copy number, or internalization rates are insufficient, as well as diseases where knockdowns of multiple genes or pathways are required.”

“In a departure from MPEG LA’s traditional pool licensing model that revolutionized licensing in the consumer electronics industry, MPEG LA’s Increscent Therapeutics™ platform is available for exclusive or nonexclusive licensing to the biopharma industry and poised to unlock and advance new healthcare opportunities,” said Kristin Neuman, MPEG LA’s Executive Director, Biotechnology Licensing.

An on-line version of the Nucleic Acid Therapeutics article “Ligand Conjugated Multimeric siRNAs Enable Enhanced Uptake and Multiplexed Gene Silencing” by Jonathan M. Brown, James E. Dahlman, Kristin K. Neuman, Carla A.H. Prata, Monika C. Krampert, Philipp M. Hadwiger and Hans-Peter Vornlocher may be found here.

Additional information about MPEG LA’s Increscent Therapeutics™ platform may be found here.


MPEG LA is the world’s leading provider of one-stop licenses for standards and other technology platforms. Starting in the 1990s, it pioneered the modern-day patent pool helping to produce the most widely used standards in consumer electronics history and is expanding access to other groundbreaking technologies including electric vehicle charging and CRISPR. In addition, MPEG LA has developed Increscent Therapeutics™, a delivery platform for oligonucleotide therapeutics, which is available for licensing. MPEG LA has operated licensing programs for a variety of technologies consisting of about 22,000 patents in 90 countries with some 250 patent holders and more than 6,000 licensees. By assisting users with implementation of their technology choices, MPEG LA offers licensing solutions that provide access to fundamental intellectual property, freedom to operate, reduced litigation risk and predictability in the business planning process. For more information, go to

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