AdipoGen Life Sciences glycobiology research products

20:00 EDT 2 Oct 2019 | LabOnline

AdipoGen Life Sciences offers a comprehensive panel of high-quality glycobiology research tools. Glycobiology is an integrative science, crossing the fields of chemistry, biology, medicine and material science. Broadly, it is the study of the structure, biosynthesis and biology of glycans (oligosaccharides, carbohydrates), which are present in every living organism.

AdipoGen’s range of glycobiology research products includes ganglioside compounds. Gangliosides are components of the cell plasma membrane that modulate cell signal transduction events, specific determinants in cellular recognition and cell-to-cell communication, and that are important molecules in immunology, immunity and neurodegenerative disease research. AdipoGen also offers lipopolysaccharides and CD1 ligands, which are also important glycobiology research tools in immunology and innate immunity research.

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