Week in Review: Jiangsu's CTFH Signs $200 Million AI Drug Discovery Pact with Insilico

02:41 EDT 13 Oct 2019 | ChinaBio Today

Deals and Financings

• Jiangsu's CTFH Pharma formed a partnership worth up to $200 million with Insilico Medicine, which will use its AI technology to discover two triple-negative breast cancer candidates;
• China Grand Pharma invested $30 million into OncoSec and will have China-Asian rights to a direct-to-tumor cancer treatment technology;
• Beijing Gene+ Technology closed a $28 million B round led by Co-Stone to advance its oncology gene testing services;
• Chipscreen Biosciences of Shenzhen partnered with Beijing's Novogene to develop companion diagnostics for Chipscreen's cancer drug Chiauranib;

Trials and Approvals

• Harbour BioMed, a US-China biopharma, completed a China Phase II trial of its novel TNF receptor-1 fragment for Dry-Eye-Disease;
• Kangpu Biopharma of Shanghai conducted a first-in-human US Phase I trial of its immunomodulator based on the CRBN E3 ubiquitin ligase;
• Suzhou Innovent Bio and Chi-Med will test a combination of Innovent's approved Tyvyt®, a PD-1 drug, and Chi-Med's surufatinib;
• Chi-Med started a global Phase I/Ib study of its novel small molecule Syk inhibitor in patients with relapsed or refractory lymphoma;

Company News

• Cellular Bio, a US-China biopharma, signed a lease to build a R&D facility in Maryland to support US trials of its CAR-T immunotherapy candidates;
• BJ Bioscience of Hangzhou signed up CMAB Bio (Suzhou) to provide CMC research and manufacturing services for its bi-functional mAb;
• Changsheng Biotechnology, a Jilin vaccine biotech, will be delisted from the Shenzhen Exchange for selling ineffective vaccines.

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Original Article: Week in Review: Jiangsu's CTFH Signs $200 Million AI Drug Discovery Pact with Insilico


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