Part 3: The future of biotechs M&As: The investors' perspective

19:00 EDT 2 Jun 2009 | PharmaTelevision

Dr Fintan Walton, CEO of PharmaVentures, asked a panel of leading industry fund managers how they are tailoring funds to ensure maximum return and the future of biotech M&A. They discuss:

· Benefits of the current investment strategies used and new models for M&A
· Big pharma - how they use their cash in M&A and acquisition and licensing of products
· At what stage deals are being financed, and who is investing in early stage companies
· Relationships with investors on risk sharing
· When the "IPO window will re-open"
· Exit strategies, and where the most successful have been coming from

This panel discussion was the 3rd in a series filmed by PharmaTelevision at the thought leadership conference, "Financing and Deal Making in the New Landscape", held by PharmaVentures and UKTI at The British Consulate General in Cambridge, MA.

Original Article: Part 3: The future of biotechs M&As: The investors' perspective


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