Alfa Laval LKD and LKDC stainless steel tank covers

19:00 EST 3 Dec 2019 | Australian Life Scientist

Alfa Laval tank covers are high-quality openings that provide easy and convenient visual inspection or entry to tank interiors, which should meet requirements in the dairy, food, beverage, pharma and home-personal industries. The tank covers securely fit the openings of high-, low- or non-pressure tanks, both above and below the liquid level.

For hygienic processes, the company offers a complete range of 3A approved inspection and personnel entry ports available with a variety of surface finishes and seal materials. There are two models from which to choose.

The oval-shaped Alfa Laval LKD stainless steel tank cover is used on tanks or containers in various hygienic industries. For inspection purposes the cover can then be turned into the tank. For personnel entry, the cover can either be removed at the double hinge or swung out of the tank. The seal is hygienically positioned and is not affected by positive or negative pressure in the tank.

The circular Alfa Laval LKDC stainless steel tank cover is used on top of tanks or containers. It is supplied with a replaceable, self-sealing double lip seal to prevent fluids from spraying out, eg, during CIP cleaning and similar processes.

The tank covers are available in AISI 304 or AISI 316L stainless steel with EPDM, NBR, FPM or Q (silicone) seal materials. Surface finishes include electro-polished, brushed and acid pickled, and vary from Ra 0.8 to Ra 0.4 to meet the high-quality requirements of hygienic processes.

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