Anton Paar Multiwave 5000 microwave system

19:00 EST 15 Jan 2020 | Australian Life Scientist

Anton Paar’s Multiwave 5000 is a versatile microwave platform system for efficient, convenient and safe microwave-assisted analytical and synthetic chemistry. Designed to meet the needs of today’s lab chemist, it features a modern, easy-to-navigate user interface; tool-free vessel handling; a large method library with >500 pre-installed programs; and a global support network.

Robust industrial microwave components and corrosion-resistant housings and coatings qualify the product for a long service life under demanding laboratory conditions. The efficient cooling unit, state-of-the-art sensors and multilevel safety system have been extended with a practical interactive user interface and hands-free door opener.

The system’s software, including the customisable SmartScreen, provides the look and feel of a smartphone. With SmartLink, Multiwave 5000 connects to a computer, notebook, tablet or mobile phone; it sends automated notifications or allows experiments to be monitored and operated remotely. It also visualises its status via SmartLight.

The instrument contains all relevant information including the comprehensive method library of more than 500 programs, the user manual and the application guide. The video manual can be watched directly on the large colour touchscreen. Software and information updates are available for free and communicated via push notifications.

The flexible platform concept makes the product suitable for a range of applications, due to the choice of various rotors, sensors and accessories. The lightweight, compact Rotor 20SVT50 has been designed for high sample throughput for high-performance applications. The easy-to-handle, three-part vessels, employing SmartVent technology, handle more demanding samples which require higher temperatures, such as ceramics, alloys, polymers, cosmetics, geological materials and petrochemicals.

For good reaction control, the SmartTemp sensor conducts fast, optical temperature measurements. It offers the convenience of an IR sensor and the precision of an internal temperature sensor. SmartTemp has no direct contact to the sample solution, which rules out any possible contamination of the sample.

Due to the modularity of all components, the system can be expanded at any time and is therefore futureproof. Rotors and accessories are available for special applications, including sample drying, evaporation of solutions, oxygen combustion, UV-assisted digestions, solvent extraction and synthesis.

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