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FirstView Market Insight Uterine Leiomyoma Market Review, Epidemiology And Market Forecast 2029 provides in depth understanding of historical and forecasted epidemiology along with the detailed market insights.The report covers detailed information on the disease, treatment algorithm, existing treatment and upcoming treatment regimens, unmet needs, market drivers, market barriers, sales trend and market revenue during study period 20182029.Leiomyomas of the uterus are one of the most common pathologic abnormalities of the female genital tract. Their occurrence increases with age, and they are found in 2050% of women older than 30 years. Although found elsewhere in the body, leiomyomas most frequently occur in the myometrium. Uterine leiomyomas are commonly referred to as myomas, fibromyomas, or fibroids because of their firm, fibrous character and high content of collagen.

Leiomyomas of the uterus are the most common indication for hysterectomy in the United States.Uterine leiomyomas result in masses associated with a variety of gynecologic problems, the most prominent of which are the asymptomatic pelvic mass or abnormal vaginal bleeding.

The location of leiomyomas is variable. Most commonly, they are intramural and are identified by an irregular enlargement of the uterine corpus. The tumors may enlarge from the surface of the uterus late or early in their course and become subserous. Alternatively, they can protrude into and distort the endometrial cavity.

The cause of uterine leiomyomas remain unknown.It is believed that sex steroids promote development of leiomyomas by stimulating inappropriate expression of growth factors. Estrogen and progesterone act as physiologic regulators of gene expression by activating nuclear receptors that are themselves transcription factors. In this way estrogen and progesterone play a key role in regulating genes that direct cell growth. Some studies have shown that both steroids are important in leiomyoma growth, but it is progesterone that influences the proliferation of leiomyoma more than estrogen. Overview

This report contains comprehensive overview of disease including disease definition, classification, symptoms, etiology, pathophysiology, diagnostic trends, as well as details about treatment algorithms and treatment guidelines

Epidemiology Forecast

This section encompasses information on the incidence and prevalence of disease in EU5, US Japan. It also provides historical, current and forecasted estimates of diagnosed/treatable patient population.

Existing and upcoming treatment landscape

Captures the evolution of treatment paradigm including the current and emerging drug therapies. Provides information on the clinical trial results, mechanism of action, route of administration, therapeutic positioning, regulatory milestones and patent exclusivity. It gives insight into the potential therapeutic targets for drug development. The section also covers major events and latest happenings, deals and collaborations.

Market Size

This section of report will address the major issues, on the size and total addressable market share. This will help the companies to understand and visualize their business prospects and make major decisions based on the historical, current and forecasted market share across the globe. Analyze the commercial potential of the product as well as the disease/therapy area.

Market Trends Unmet needs

This section of the report helps to understand the market trend and opportunities by analyzing the impact of current therapies on the market, current and future unmet needs, drivers and barriers and demand of better technology. This is determined by analyzing the impact of various factors such as mechanism of action, route, cost of therapy, patient segmentation, existing available treatments, compliance and need of the market, expected launch timelines, competitors, brand value and KOLs perception.

List of products

leuprolide Lupron, Eligard, others

goserelin Zoladex

triptorelin Trelstar, Triptodur Kit








Original Article: Uterine Leiomyoma Market Review, Epidemiology And Market Forecast 2029 [Published by First View Insight] Prices from USD $2975


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