MOgene Expands Digital Droplet PCR™ (ddPCR) Services

10:27 EST 11 Feb 2020 | Businesswire

MOgene, a leading provider of genomics and molecular services worldwide, announced today an expansion of its Digital Droplet technology to include more automation capabilities.

ddPCR is a disruptive, next-generation method of PCR testing that enables precise quantification of nucleic acids and targeted sequences. This technology has a wide array of applications and is one of the fastest growing molecular testing solutions in the life sciences industry. MOgene has implemented the Bio-Rad QX200™ ddPCR system which allows increased automation of droplet generation, thermal cycling, droplet reading and data analysis for PCR applications in pharma, biotech, agritech, and universities.

“The expansion of our ddPCR capability is an integral part of MOgene’s overall growth strategy to provide the most advanced, highly customized data-driven genomic solutions to our customers,” said MOgene CEO Craig Morley, noting that the company recently opened a new CLIA-certified, 8,000-square-foot, purpose-built facility in St. Louis.

ddPCR is a great solution for the increasing demand of consistent and reproducible data for testing of gene therapeutic products (e.g. CAR-T), viral vector titrations or any plant, animal and environmental studies,” said Kazima Saira, lab director for MOgene. “Absolute quantification of DNA/RNA that comes along with sample independence, great precision, sensitivity and much reduced inter- and intra-assay variability is the logical choice for measured and confident decisions in the clinical world.”

MOgene provides a full range of genomics and molecular services for academic and commercial institutions, including support for discovery under research or regulated (CLIA and GxP) environments. Additional services include integrated services for DNA and RNA extraction, genotyping, sample prep and a wide range of next-generation sequencing (NGS) and gene expression studies.

About MOgene

MOgene, a pioneer in global genomic services since 2004, provides integrated, sample-to-insight solutions for a range of customers in the pharma, biotech, clinical and industrial markets. MOgene’s new 8,000-square-foot CLIA lab in St. Louis, MO, offers the most advanced wet lab and bioinformatics capabilities supported by experts who deliver highly customized, data-driven genomic services with industry-leading turnaround times and quality results. For more information, go to

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