Enzo Life Sciences WESTERNVIEW Detection Kits

20:00 EDT 26 Mar 2020 | Australian Life Scientist

The WESTERNVIEW Detection Kits for western blot analysis, from Enzo Life Sciences, quickly and clearly reveal bands on the transfer membrane without the need for specialised equipment. Users can stop guessing exposure time as the signal develops in front of their eyes.

The kits have high sensitivity for low expressing markers such as Caspase-7 with low background, due to the use of a proprietary polyenzyme technology. All kits are compatible with PVDF and nitrocellulose membranes and are simple to use with all reagents ready to use or ready to dilute.

The ability to determine the source of protein bands with differentiated colours makes the kits amenable to multiplex analysis. They are available in anti-mouse, anti-rabbit and dual-format versions.

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