Synbiosis - New Colony Counter and Zone Sizing System Unveiled on Stand 146 at ArabLab 2011

11:25 EST 11 Feb 2011 | BioPortfolio

February 11th 2011 Cambridge, UK: Synbiosis, a world-leading manufacturer of automated microbiological systems, is delighted to announce its new ProtoCOL 2 automated colony counting and zone measurement system, for quick and easy analysis of standard and large plates, is being premiered on Stand 146 at ArabLab 2011, in the Dubai International Convention Centre on March 7th-10th.

On stand, Synbiosis experts will demonstrate how the new ProtoCOL 2 with its simple touch-screen controls the system’s high resolution camera and three colour LED lighting. Visitors to the stand will see how the combination of the ProtoCOL 2 system’s unique, (patent-pending) lighting method and its new total viable count (TVC) software make counting colonies as small as a pin-prick, fast and accurate.

Staff will show that Synbiosis has listened to microbiologists and made the new ProtoCOL 2 the best value for money automated colony counter currently on the market. They will explain how by integrating a processor, there is no need to purchase a separate computer with the ProtoCOL 2 and by offering five separate ProtoCOL 2 software modules, which can all be integrated into a CFR 21 Part 11 environment, scientists only have to purchase those their laboratory want to use.

The ProtoCOL 2 software modules for colony counting, spiral plate counts, AMES test counts and inhibition zone measurements will all be on stand. Scientists can try out features such as the icon driven TVC software colour analysis wizard, grid recognition and SQL database for downloading results, to see just how user-friendly the software is for their applications.

Laura Sullivan of Synbiosis commented: “We are delighted to launch our new ProtoCOL 2 at ArabLab because the technology is unbeatable, as well as being precise enough to count incredibly small colonies. Scientists looking for a sensitive, easy-to-use, yet inexpensive colony counter or zone sizing system should visit us on Stand 146 where they will discover the new ProtoCOL 2 is perfect for their microbiology laboratory.”


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About Synbiosis

Synbiosis is a world-leading supplier of integrated imaging solutions for automatic counting and analysis of microbial colonies and zone measurement. The ProtoCOL and åCOLyte systems from Synbiosis are installed in food, pharmaceutical, environmental and research microbiology laboratories world-wide. Synbiosis uses established distribution channels to market its products internationally.

Synbiosis, founded in 1998 is a division of the Synoptics Group based in Cambridge UK. The Group’s other divisions, Syncroscopy and Syngene, specialise in digital imaging solutions for microscopy and molecular biology applications respectively. Synoptics currently employs 40 people in its UK and US subsidiary operation.


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