GE Healthcare launches MabSelect SuRe LX affinity chromatography medium

10:21 EST 14 Feb 2011 | BioPortfolio

Enhanced stability and exceptional binding capacity at longer residence times

February 14th 2011: GE Healthcare extends the MabSelect™ family with MabSelect SuRe LX, a protein A-derived affinity medium designed to promote efficient processing of high-titer bioreactor feeds. MabSelect SuRe LX has enhanced alkaline stability and exceptional dynamic binding capacity that exceeds similar high-flow agarose media such as MabSelect SuRe. The highly-rigid base matrix facilitates the use of higher bed heights and high flow rates, which reduces cycle time and provides flexibility in process design. Additionally, higher dynamic binding capacity and bed heights enable the use of small-diameter columns, thus reducing equipment footprint.

MabSelect SuRe LX is optimized for high dynamic binding capacity at extended residence times. For example, at six minutes residence time, its capacity for human and monoclonal IgG is approximately 60mg/l, which is more than 20% higher than its companion product MabSelect SuRe.

The benefits of MabSelect Sure LX include:

• Exceptional binding capacity at longer residence time and high flow rates for processing large volumes of high-titer feeds quickly and efficiently
• Enhanced alkaline-tolerance for cleaning-in-place with 0.1 M to 0.5 M NaOH, prolonging medium lifetime to over 300 purification cycles, thus enhancing process economy
• Enhanced protease-resistant protein A ligand reduces leakages
• Generic elution conditions for different MAbs promote the use of platform purifications

The ever-growing demand for MAbs as biopharmaceuticals and the increase in antibody titer has driven the development of MabSelect SuRe LX. MAbs can now be processed faster and with improved process economy.

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