DOCTORS.NET.UK teams up with CANCER RESEARCH UK to run educational campaign for GPS

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November 8th 2011: Cancer Research UK has appointed - the largest and most active professional network of doctors in the UK – to run an educational campaign for GPs which is supportive of the charity’s key goals.

Cancer Research UK, which is Europe’s biggest funder of cancer research, will provide educational support for GPs on two of its major campaigning issues - the early diagnosis of cancer and smoking cessation.

The six-month campaign will give GPs practical advice to help them identify red flag cancer symptoms and make appropriate referrals for the disease, which claims the lives of more than 300,000 people a year in the UK.

Late diagnosis of cancer is a problem in the UK and up to 10,000 cancer deaths could be avoided each year through earlier diagnosis and prompt treatment. 

The Cancer Research UK campaign will also support GPs in offering smoking cessation advice to patients. Approximately 20 per cent of people smoke in the UK and recent research conducted for OTC Bulletin by found 96 per cent of GPs surveyed across the UK advised patients on smoking cessation at least a few times a month.

Campaign activities will include an accredited educational quiz on early diagnosis, sponsorship of an educational module on the clinical management of smoking cessation, a patient case study, and a wealth of relevant information from Cancer Research UK.

Parts of the campaign will be integrated with’s recently launched Cancer Insight Centre, which aims to become the leading online resource for news, information and research on the five most common cancers in the UK. The unique resource is designed for oncologists, haematologists, GPs and other medical professionals involved in cancer care.

Simon Grime, Head of Healthcare for, said: “Following the recent launch of our Cancer Insight Centre, we could not be better placed to help Cancer Research UK work with GPs on prevention and early diagnosis.

“The practical and highly informative campaign that we have developed will provide invaluable support for GPs who play a critical role in the diagnosis and management of cancer.”

Sara Hiom, Director of Health Information and Cancer Data from Cancer Research UK, said: “Providing educational information and support for GPs on issues such as early diagnosis and smoking cessation is key to reducing the number of deaths from cancer.  An average GP can expect to see 8 new cases of cancer in patients each year.  And with symptoms that are often vague or generic – the challenge of picking out those with cancer from those with less serious diseases is not easy. 

“The partnership with will provide a powerful means through which to engage with GPs and enable them to take advantage of our extensive expertise and resources.”

For more information:

Andrew Baud
+44 (0) 7775 715775

Note to editors: is the largest and most active network of medical professionals in the UK. has a membership of over 184,000 doctors, with 97 per cent saying that the network is their most trusted source of information.  It is the online resource most frequently used by them and provides forums for discussion, education and extensive editorial content, including conference highlights to support them in making the best decisions for the care of their patients.

The network was created for doctors, by doctors in 1998.  More than 300 doctors now act as advisers and clinical information contributors.  Credibility and integrity of all published materials is assured thanks to an experienced editorial team and a code of absolute transparency for all information published.


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