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Brachial and uterine arteries Doppler in healthy women and with preeclampsia

To compare the Doppler ultrasound parameters of the uterine and brachial arteries, between healthy pregnant women and pregnant women with preeclampsia.

Obstetric Racism: The Racial Politics of Pregnancy, Labor, and Birthing.

In this article, I analyze the birth stories of Black women living in the United States. Their birth stories describe various forms of racism during medical encounters while they were pregnant or during labor and delivery. In the global women's health arena, the issues raised are viewed as obstetric violence. However, obstetric racism-as both an occurrence and analytic-best captures the particular...

Evidence for functional interactions between the placenta and brain in pregnant mice.

The placenta plays a pivotal role in the development of the fetal brain and also influences maternal brain function, but our understanding of communication between the placenta and brain remains limited. Using a gene expression and network analysis approach, we provide evidence that the placenta transcriptome is tightly interconnected with the maternal brain and fetal brain in d 15 pregnant C57BL/...

Vascular and metabolic profiles in offspring born to pregnant mice with metabolic syndrome treated with inositols.

Inositols (INOs) supplementation during pregnancy, specifically the combination of myo-inositol (MI) and D-chiro-inositol (DCI), has been reported to improve vascular parameters in women with gestational diabetes mellitus. We demonstrated previously that offspring born to pregnant mice lacking endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS+/-) gene have hypertension (HTN) as adults and when fed high fat ...

Metabolome-wide association study of anti-epileptic drug treatment during pregnancy.

Pregnant women with epilepsy (PWWE) require continuous anti-epileptic drug (AED) treatment to avoid risk to themselves and fetal risks secondary to maternal seizures, resulting in prolonged AED exposure to the developing embryo and fetus. The objectives of this study were to determine whether high-resolution metabolomics is able to link the metabolite profile of PWWE receiving lamotrigine or levet...

Headache in Pregnancy, the Puerperium, and menopause.

Headache is a neurologic disorder that displays gender dichotomy. It is well established that there is a strong link between migraine headache and sex hormones, specifically estrogen, which influences the severity of migraines during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause. Furthermore, the epidemiology of headaches during pregnancy and the postpartum period is very distinct from that in mal...

Pitfall in genetic screening in a pregnancy involving an allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation recipient.

Magnitude and factors associated with late antenatal care booking on first visit among pregnant women in public health centers in central zone of Tigray Region, Ethiopia: A cross sectional study.

Antenatal care (ANC) is a care given for pregnant women and is a good opportunity to deliver maternal health interventions. Even though pregnant women should start their first antenatal care within 12 weeks of gestational age, many pregnant women start their first ANC late. So, the aim of this study is to determine magnitude of late ANC booking at first visit and factors associated with it.

How do pregnant and lactating women, and young children, experience religious food restriction at the community level? A qualitative study of fasting traditions and feeding behaviors in four regions of Ethiopia.

Maternal and child feeding behaviors are often rooted in family and sociocultural context, making these an important point of inquiry for improving nutrition and health over the life course. The present study explored the practice of fasting during religious periods in relation to eating patterns of pregnant and lactating women and young children in four regions of Ethiopia, a nation which has exp...

Comparison between near miss criteria in a maternal intensive care unit.

The aim of this study was to compare the incidence of different criteria of maternal near miss in women admitted to an obstetric intensive care unit and their sensitivity and specificity in identifying cases that have evolved to morbidity.

Syphilis in pregnancy and congenital syphilis and their relationship with Family Health Strategy coverage, Goiás, Brazil, 2007-2014: an ecological study.

to analyze the incidence of syphilis in pregnant women (SPW) and congenital syphilis (CS) and the correlation of these indicators with Family Health Strategy (FHS) coverage in Goiás, Brazil, from 2007 to 2014.

Evaluation of prenatal care in primary care in the perception of pregnant women.

To evaluate prenatal care in primary health care in the perception of pregnant women.

Syphilis in pregnancy, congenital syphilis, and factors associated with mother-to-child transmission in Itapeva, São Paulo, 2010 to 2014.

This study describes cases of syphilis in pregnancy (SiP) and congenital syphilis (CS) and identifies factors associated with mother-to-child transmission in patients in Itapeva from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2014.

The aborted law: Notes on the debate over the voluntary termination of pregnancy.

Obstetric violence in the daily routine of care and its characteristics.

to analyze the scientific production on obstetric violence by identifying and discussing its main characteristics in the routine care for the pregnant-puerperal cycle.

A multilevel analysis of overweight and obesity among non-pregnant women of reproductive age in Malawi: evidence from the 2015-16 Malawi Demographic and Health Survey.

Overweight and obesity are well-known risk factors for non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some cancers and musculoskeletal disorders. In Malawi, the proportion of women who are overweight/obese has doubled, from 10% in 1992 to 21% in 2015-16. Therefore we aimed to explore the individual- and community-level factors associated with overweight and obesity among non-p...

Serum Cystatin C Levels in Twin Pregnancy versus Singleton Pregnancy.

To explore whether there was an increased secretion of cystatin C (Cys C) in twin pregnancy.

Vitamin A Supplementation during Pregnancy Enhances Pandemic H1N1 Vaccine Response in Mothers, but Enhancement of Transplacental Antibody Transfer May Depend on When Mothers Are Vaccinated during Pregnancy.

In the growing embryo, the vitamin A requirement is tightly regulated. Maternal vitamin A deficiency during pregnancy may alter maternal immune function to accommodate the fetus.

The effectiveness of group counseling on prenatal care knowledge and performance of pregnant adolescents in a Kurdish region of Iran.

Background Prenatal care in adolescents is one of the most important challenges worldwide, especially in the regions with a specific culture and traditions. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of group counseling on knowledge and performance of pregnant adolescents in prenatal care in a Kurdish region in Iran. Methods This quasi-experimental study was conducted on pregna...

Process Evaluation of the Midwifery Initiated Oral Health-Dental Service Program: Perceptions of dental professionals.

All pregnant women should have a comprehensive oral health evaluation. Unfortunately, many pregnant women seldom seek dental care and some dentists are hesitant to treat during pregnancy. To address these issues, the Midwifery Initiated Oral Health Dental Service (MIOH-DS) program was developed in Australia. The aim of this study was to undertake a process evaluation and explore the perceptions of...

Involvement of the STAT5-CyclinD/CDK4-pRb pathway in beta cell proliferation stimulated by prolactin during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, maternal pancreatic beta cells undergo a compensatory expansion in response to the state of insulin resistance, where prolactin (PRL) plays a major role. Retinoblastoma protein (Rb) has been shown to critically regulate islet proliferation and function. The aim of the study was to explore the role of Rb in beta cell mass expansion during pregnancy. During pregnancy, expression of...

Metabolic syndrome in pregnancy and risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes: A prospective cohort of nulliparous women.

Obesity increases the risk for developing gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and preeclampsia (PE), which both associate with increased risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and cardiovascular disease (CVD) in women in later life. In the general population, metabolic syndrome (MetS) associates with T2DM and CVD. The impact of maternal MetS on pregnancy outcomes, in nulliparous pregnant women, ...

Health professionals' experiences and views on obstetric ultrasound in Rwanda: A cross-sectional study.

Implementation of ultrasound in antenatal care (ANC) in low-income countries has been shown to increase pregnant women's compliance with ANC visits, and facilitate detection of high-risk pregnancies. In Rwanda, as in other low-income countries, access to ultrasound has increased significantly, but lack of training is often a barrier to its use. The aim of this study was to investigate Rwandan heal...

Evaluating effects of prenatal web-based breastfeeding education for pregnant mothers in their third trimester of pregnancy: Prospective randomized control trial.

Education is the cornerstone supporting breastfeeding practices. However, the traditional oral education method cannot always satisfy the learning needs of mothers.

Smoking during pregnancy as a possible risk factor for pediatric neoplasms in the offspring: A population-based cohort study.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the association between maternal smoking during pregnancy and future risk of childhood neoplasm risk.

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