Ovarian Cancer

16:42 EDT 24th August 2019 | BioPortfolio

Ovarian Cancer is cancer that starts in the female reproductive organs, the ovaries. It is the fifth most common cancer among women. 

Women at risk of Ovarian Cancer are those who have had few children (or had children at an older age), carriers of the BRCA1 or 2 genes, have a family history of the disease, some hormone replacement therapies. It is not thought to be increased by fertility drugs. One's risk may be decreased by regular pelvic examinations and removal of the ovaries in patient with BRCA mutations. The effectiveness of a screening program is currently being investigated.

Cases of ovarian cancer can be treated by surgery; total hysterectomy or bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. Chemotherapy is used after surgery to treat any remaining disease.

About 76% of women with ovarian cancer survive 1 year after diagnosis, and about 45% live longer than 5 years after diagnosis. Early diagnosis is important.

Source; Adapted from NIH

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