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Out-of-pocket expenditure for health care: District level estimates for Haryana state in India.

In this paper, we present district level out-of-pocket (OOP) expenditures with respect to outpatient consultation within last 15 days and hospitalization in last 1 year for Haryana state.

GIS-based method to delimit spheres of influence for a medical consortium: Experience of a pediatric medical consortium, Shanghai.

To improve the utilization efficiency of health care services, the concept of a "regional medical consortium" has attracted more attention during the most recent round of health care reform in China. Shanghai, a municipality of China, has made many efforts to promote its regional medical consortium project. In this paper, the pediatric medical consortium of Shanghai will serve as an example to int...

Advanced musculoskeletal physiotherapy: Barriers and enablers to multi-site implementation.

Advanced musculoskeletal physiotherapy (AMP) services are a safe, effective model of care, but without broad-scale healthcare implementation to date. The aim of the present study was to identify the barriers and enablers to implementation of 12 AMP services from the perspective of clinical staff.

Nursing students' experiences of delivering dementia friends sessions to peers.

Nursing students and registered nurses often feel underprepared for their roles in dementia care. Extracurricular activities offer nursing students additional opportunities for professional development. A student-academic partnership initiative was developed in which nursing students delivered dementia friends sessions to their peers before formal taught content.

Computational Optics Enables Breast Cancer Profiling in Point-Of-Care Settings.

The global burden of cancer, severe diagnostic bottlenecks in underserved regions, and underfunded health care systems are fueling the need for inexpensive, rapid and treatment-informative diagnostics. Based on advances in computational optics and deep learning, we have developed a low-cost digital system, termed AIDA (artificial intelligence diffraction analysis), for breast cancer diagnosis of f...

Associations of ICU Capacity Strain with Disposition and Outcomes of Patients with Sepsis Presenting to the Emergency Department.

Intensive care unit (ICU) capacity strain refers to the potential limits placed on an ICU's ability to provide high-quality care for all patients who may need it at a given time. Few studies have investigated how fluctuations in ICU capacity strain might influence care outside of the ICU.

Poppers-Induced Life-Threatening Methemoglobinemia.

Documenting Goals of Care Among Patients With Advanced Cancer: Results of a Quality Improvement Initiative.

Guidelines recommend that oncologists discuss goals of care (GOC) with patients who have advanced cancer and that these patients be referred for early palliative care (PC). An audit of practice between 2010 and 2015 at the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario suggested that these rates were suboptimal. We sought to improve the rate of documentation of GOC and referral to PC through the implementa...

Monitoring of Metabolic, Cardiac, and Endocrine Indicators in Youth Treated With Antipsychotics as Reported by Health Care Professionals.

It is unclear how youth treated with antipsychotics are monitored. The purpose of this study was to assess monitoring of metabolic, cardiac, and endocrine indicators in youth (

Education in pain and palliative care in the low- and middle-income countries of the Asia Pacific region.

On Waiting Rooms.

The Comfort Theory as a Theoretical Framework Applied to a Clinical Case of Hospital at Home.

The comfort theory was applied in the development of a nursing process for the clinical case of an older adult with pneumonia treated under hospital at home. It was observed that the theory is easy to apply in the domiciliary context and that it allows the implementation of a holistic care plan.

Estimating Life Expectancy From Chinese Medicine Could Improve End-of-Life Care in Terminally Ill Cancer Patients.

Preparing for a good death is an important and meaningful concept in Chinese culture because people hope to know residual life to make effort for their unfinished business. However, the family of terminally ill patients with cancer may be annoyed and frustrated about unexpected bereavement if they have unresolved conflicts with the loved one, missing a chance for declaring love, untimely apologizi...

Survey to Assess Interest in a Mindfulness Intervention at a Midwifery and Women's Health Clinic.

We conducted a voluntary survey among ethnically and socioeconomically diverse women. About half of the respondents reported experiencing at least one health issue; over half were interested in attending a mindfulness class to reduce stress. Our study suggests interest in participating in a mindfulness intervention, primarily among those with more health issues.

Exploring Cultural Health Practices at a Midwestern University.

This study investigated complementary health practices (CHPs) at a Midwestern state university to examine regional usage rates. Study results demonstrated a high use of CHPs as compared with national studies, supporting significance of incorporating CHPs in the nursing curriculum to ensure culturally competent and safe care for all populations.

Minding the Mind: Bioactives and Nutrients in Green Leafy Vegetables Slow Cognitive Decline.

HIV Screening, Testing, and Preexposure Prophylaxis: Obligations of Holism.

Corneal Infections Associated with Sleeping in Contact Lenses - Six Cases, United States, 2016-2018.

Contact lenses, when worn and cared for properly, are a safe and effective form of vision correction used by an estimated 45 million Americans. However, contact lens wearers are at risk for contact lens-related eye infections, especially when wearers do not practice proper contact lens wear and care habits. These infections, affecting the cornea and known as microbial keratitis (Figure), can lead ...

QuickStats: Percentage Distribution* of Adult Day Services Centers, by Type of Service - National Study of Long-Term Care Providers, 2016.

Prevalence of Disabilities and Health Care Access by Disability Status and Type Among Adults - United States, 2016.

Persons with disabilities face greater barriers to health care than do those without disabilities (1). To identify characteristics of noninstitutionalized adults with six specific disability types (hearing, vision, cognition, mobility, self-care, and independent living),* and to assess disability-specific disparities in health care access, CDC analyzed 2016 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Syst...

Access to medicines for acute illness and antibiotic use in residents: A medicines household survey in Sichuan Province, western China.

To investigate medicine accessibility and antibiotic use in households in western China using World Health Organization (WHO) methodology as well as to identify the influencing factor of care-seeking outside the home and primary determinant factors that influence the use of antibiotics in Chinese residents.

Characterising seasonal influenza epidemiology using primary care surveillance data.

Understanding the epidemiology of seasonal influenza is critical for healthcare resource allocation and early detection of anomalous seasons. It can be challenging to obtain high-quality data of influenza cases specifically, as clinical presentations with influenza-like symptoms may instead be cases of one of a number of alternate respiratory viruses. We use a new dataset of confirmed influenza vi...

Effective linkage from point of HIV testing to care and treatment in Tanga region, Tanzania.

Linkage to care and treatment is an important part of efforts to accelerate HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support. It offers an opportunity for PLHIV to receive information and services in a timely manner. Clients who present late for HIV care and treatment may miss out on timely initiation of prophylaxis and ART, which may accelerate disease progression and lead to an increased rate of HIV...

Rapid, inexpensive, fingerstick, whole-blood, sensitive, specific, point-of-care test for anti-Toxoplasma antibodies.

Intensive care nurses' knowledge and practice on endotracheal suctioning of the intubated patient: A quantitative cross-sectional observational study.

Endotracheal suction (ETS) is a common invasive procedure which is done to keep the airways patent by mechanically removing accumulated pulmonary secretions to all in patients with artificial airways. Many life-threatening complications can occur when the procedure is not performed correctly. Although the evidence-based recommendations regarding ETS are available, many of these have not been obser...

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