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Clinical effectiveness of pharmacy-led versus conventionally delivered antiviral treatment for hepatitis C in patients receiving opioid substitution therapy: a study protocol for a pragmatic cluster randomised trial.

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection affects 0.7% of the general population, and up to 40% of people prescribed opioid substitution therapy (OST) in Scotland. In conventional care, less than 10% of OST users are tested for HCV and less than 25% of these initiate treatment. Community pharmacists see this group frequently to provide OST supervision. This study examines whether a pharmacist-led 'test & ...

study: protocol for a stepped-wedge cluster randomised trial to compare access to care for a mobile app versus a workstation-based store-and-forward teledermatology process.

Teledermatology has emerged as an important strategy to enhance access to high-quality skin care. is a provider-facing, web-based mobile app designed to integrate into the existing teledermatology workflow in the US Veterans Health Administration (VHA). In this study, we will conduct a systematic evaluation of on access outcomes in VHA facilities using a pragmatic trial guided by clinical and op...

Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of humanoid robot-based distraction for venipuncture pain in children.

Intravenous insertion (IVI) is a very common procedure in the emergency department (ED). IVI is often painful and stressful for both children and their families. Currently, distraction therapy is not used as a standard of care for IVI in North America. We propose that interaction with a humanoid robot may effectively distract children during IVI thereby reducing their pain and distress.

Definition of whole person care in general practice in the English language literature: a systematic review.

The importance of 'whole person' or 'holistic' care is widely recognised, particularly with an increasing prevalence of chronic multimorbidity internationally. This approach to care is a defining feature of general practice. However, its precise meaning remains ambiguous. We aimed to determine how the term 'whole person' care is understood by general practitioners (GPs), and whether it is synonymo...

Survival and new-onset morbidity after critical care admission for acute pancreatitis in Scotland: a national electronic healthcare record linkage cohort study.

Severe acute pancreatitis (AP) requiring critical care admission (ccAP) impacts negatively on long-term survival.

Informed shared decision-making programme for patients with type 2 diabetes in primary care: cluster randomised controlled trial.

To translate an informed shared decision-making programme (ISDM-P) for patients with type 2 diabetes from a specialised diabetes centre to the primary care setting.

Critical care management of the potential organ donor : Current recommendation for adults.

The shortage of donor organs has not improved in recent years. To increase the number and success of transplantation it is crucial to optimize the processes of early identification of potential organ donors and structured critical care management. The therapy starts long before brain death is diagnosed. Structured in-house organ donor management protocols ensure a highly qualified critical care t...

Is research from databases reliable? Not sure.

Is research from databases reliable? Yes.

Correction to: Platelet number and graft function predict intensive care survival in allogeneic stem cell transplantation patients.

The author name Philipp Wohlfarth was incorrectly spelled as Philipp Wohlfahrth in the original version of this article.

Prospects and constraints of nursing home-based integrated adult day care : Viewpoints of experts.

Even when they are in need of care, old people prefer to stay in their community. An appropriate design of nonresidential and residential care services close to people's home is crucial for supporting them. In the model project "Pflege stationär-Weiterdenken!" (Nursing home care-think ahead!) nursing homes offer extended services to old people in the community. This includes integrated day care (...

Lessons from PrEP: A Qualitative Study Investigating How Clinical and Policy Experts Weigh Ethics and Evidence When Evaluating Preventive Medications for Use in Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women.

This study explored how multinational HIV experts weigh clinical, evidential, and ethical considerations regarding pre-exposure prophylaxis in pregnant/breastfeeding women. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with experts in HIV policy, research, treatment, and implementation from three global regions. A constant comparative approach identified major themes. Experts noted that exclusion of p...

Health Disparities among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Analysis of the National Survey of Children's Health 2016.

Utilizing the 2016 National Survey of Children's Health, this study illustrates that children with ASD have nearly 4 times higher odds of unmet health care needs compared to children without disabilities, whereas children with other disabilities had nearly 2 times higher odds of unmet health care needs compared to children without disabilities. Applying Andersen's Behavioral Model of health care u...

Barriers and facilitators to understanding of ADHD in primary care: a mixed-method systematic review.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a developmental disorder affecting up to 5% of children and adults and is underdiagnosed in many European countries. The process of access to care for this disorder is complex and variable across countries. In general, those affected, or their caregiver, will seek help through their primary care practitioners who are then often responsible for ref...

The role of adverse childhood experiences and mental health care use in psychological dysfunction of male multi-problem young adults.

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are associated with severe problems later in life. This study examines how eleven types of ACEs and mental health care use history are related to current psychological dysfunction among multi-problem young adults. A sample of 643 multi-problem young adult men (age 18-27) gave informed consent for us to collect retrospective regional psychiatric case register da...

Antiemetic use of olanzapine in patients with advanced cancer: results from an open-label multicenter study.

The antipsychotic drug olanzapine is effective against chemotherapy-induced nausea and targets multiple receptors known to be involved in the emetic reflex arch. The drug has a mean half-life of 30 h, which allows for a single daily administration and is therefore of interest in patients with advanced cancer suffering from nausea.

Healthcare service utilization and work-related productivity in reflexology intervention for advanced breast cancer women.

This project's purpose was to determine the effects of a home-based reflexology intervention on symptom-related use of health services and work-related productivity during the 11-week study.

A nationwide survey of adherence to analgesic drugs among cancer patients in Taiwan: prevalence, determinants, and impact on quality of life.

Poor adherence to analgesic drugs is one of the most common barriers to adequate pain management. This prospective, cross-sectional, patient-oriented observational study aimed to explore the adherence rate, clinical factors, and impact of adherence to analgesic drugs on the quality of life (QoL) among cancer outpatients in Taiwan.

The Impact of the Patient-Centered Medical Home on Asthma-Related Visits to the Emergency Room: A Fixed Effects Regression Approach.

Objective To estimate the effect of a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) intervention on asthma-related emergency room (ER) visits of pediatric patients. Methods Patients receiving care at pediatric primary care practices participating in the Florida Pediatric Medical Home Demonstration Project as well as pediatric patients treated at non-participating clinics were identified from 4 years of cla...

Colistin and polymyxin B for treatment of nosocomial infections in intensive care unit patients: pharmacoeconomic analysis.

Background The emergence and rapid spread of multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacteria related to nosocomial infections is a growing worldwide problem, and polymyxins have become important due to the lack of new antibiotics. Objectives To evaluate the outcomes and pharmacoeconomic impact of using colistin and polymyxin B to treat nosocomial infections. Setting Neurosurgical, cardiovascular, or tr...

Impact of medication therapy management on pharmacotherapy safety in an intensive care unit.

Background Drug-related problems are mostly preventable or predictable circumstances that may impact on health outcomes. Clinical pharmacy activities such as medication therapy management can identify and solve these problems, with potential to improve medication safety and effectiveness. Objective To evaluate ability of medication therapy management service to detect drug-related problems and pre...

The Role of Real-World Evidence in UK Reimbursement: Case Study of Lenalidomide in Myelodysplastic Syndrome Deletion 5q.

Uncertainty within cost-effectiveness analysis, often driven by lack of mature data from large clinical trials, plays a key role in decisions made by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), particularly for early access medicines and orphan drugs.

Impact of Cost on the Safety of Cancer Pharmaceuticals.

Cancer care drug costs are rising due to a variety of factors, and safety concerns account for some of the cost. At the same time, clinical and economic concerns drive drug safety improvements. This chapter examines pressures on drug costs due to the complexity of care and drug therapies, marked structure in which care is provided, and regulatory requirements driving safety.

Biosimilars: Are They Really Safe?

An increasing availability of biosimilars is an important step in the process of delivering optimal care while improving access for patients with cancer. Evolving regulatory mechanisms deal with biosimilars with different approaches within major regulatory agencies. We discuss some of the specific properties of biosimilars that merit attention in terms of optimizing their safety, delivering on app...

Physician referral to a psychologist: Testing alternative behavioral healthcare seeking models.

Primary care physicians (PCPs) often refer patients to psychological services, but help-seeking factors in the context of behavioral healthcare referral are understudied. This study examined perceptions of seeking psychological help for depression by comparing alternative structural equation models derived from the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA).

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