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Neuroendocrine carcinoma in the extrahepatic biliary tract: A case report and literature review.

Neuroendocrine carcinoma (NEC) arising from the extrahepatic biliary tracts (EHBTs) is rare, and thus its management and prognosis remain poorly clarified. We herein describe a case of NEC in the perihilar EHBTs, and review the literature, together with a comparison between NECs in the perihilar and distal EHBTs, to elucidate the management strategy and oncological outcome of this rare entity.

Rheumatoid arthritis-like features in Hansen disease: A case report.

Hansen disease is an infectious chronic disease with various clinical manifestations. Its joint performance may easily mimic rheumatoid arthritis.

Long-term pancreatic exocrine and endometabolic functionality after pancreaticoduodenectomy. Comparison between pancreaticojejunostomy and pancreatic duct occlusion with fibrin glue.

Even if pancreatic pathologies, residual fibrosis, residual amount of parenchyma, and anastomotic patency are recognized as main causes of exocrine and glycemic impairment after pancreaticoduodenectomy (PD), few data are reported concerning the role of the different pancreatic remnant treatment techniques. The objective of the study is to assess and compare exocrine functionality, glycemic pattern...

Endoscopic treatment of biliary complications after living donor liver transplantation in a high volume transplant center in Turkey; a single-center experience.

Biliary complications are an important cause of mortality and morbidity after living donor liver transplantation (LDLT). We present our endoscopic treatment results after LDLT as a single center with high volume.

Eikenella corrodens perirenal abscess resulting from a pancreatic fistula in a patient with chronic pancreatitis. Case report and literature review.

We present a case of a right perirenal Eikenella corrodens abscess in a patient with chronic pancreatitis and poor dental hygiene. Endoscopic Retrograde CholangioPancreaticography (ERCP) revealed a pancreatic fistula draining to the right perirenal loge. The patient was treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics, percutaneous drainage and endoscopic stenting of the duct of Wirsung, stopping the suppl...

The combination of acute pancreatitis and toxic hepatitis developing secondary to exposure to malathion : a case report.

Organophosphate(OPH) compounds are cholinesteraseinhibiting chemicals used as pesticide. Pancreatitis secondary to malathion toxicity is rare and toxic hepatitis has been reported in only one case. In this paper, we report the case of the combination of acute pancreatitis and toxic hepatitis, which developed in a 30-year old farm worker and the mechanism is discussed in this first report of its ki...

Pancreatic hydatid cyst as an incidental finding.

Recurrent pancreatitis : it can get on your nerves! A rare case of B-cell lymphoma presenting as recurrent pancreatitis and multiple cranial neuropathy.

The population-based incidence and mortality of biliary tract cancer in Sweden.

The incidence trends of biliary tract cancer need to be established. This study investigated the incidence and mortality of biliary tract cancer in Sweden in 1970-2010.

Chemoprevention with enalapril and aspirin in Men1(+/T) knockout mouse model.

Pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasias (pNEN) are the most common cause of death in adult patients with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1). So far, only few chemopreventive strategies (e.g. with somatostatin analogues) have been evaluated for MEN1 associated pNENs. In this experimental study on 75 Men1(+ /T) knockout mice, the effect of aspirin (n=25) and an inhibitor of angiotensin-I conver...

Can We Target Endogenous Anti-inflammatory Responses as a Therapeutic Strategy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) describes chronic relapsing remitting inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract including ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. The prevalence of IBD is rising across the globe. Despite a growing therapeutic arsenal, current medical treatments are not universally effective, do not induce lasting remission in all, or are accompanied by short- and long-term advers...

Societal participation of individuals aged 55-64 years with and without chronic disease.

It is unknown whether an increase in societal participation is important for individuals with a chronic disease. This study explores whether having paid work, volunteer activities or informal care giving differs for individuals with a chronic disease and those without.

Interaction Between Phenolic Compounds and Lipase: The Influence of Solubility and Presence of Particles in the IC Value.

Obesity is one of the principal human health problems and one of the main treatments against it is the inhibition of pancreatic lipase, the main responsible enzyme of lipid digestion. For that purpose, previous studies have tested several phenolic compounds against lipase, without considering their aggregation behavior in aqueous solutions. Because of this, the present study focuses on understandi...

Managing Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections in Postmenopausal Women.

Decreased trend in hospital mortality from pancreatic cancer despite increase in number of hospital admissions.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the common cancers in US and is associated with high mortality and morbidity. The objectives of our study were to look at the recent trends in the number of hospitalizations with pancreatic cancer.

Getting better with age and time: A look back at the European experience for liver transplantation for pediatric patients with Wilson's disease.

Since the seminal experience of Starzl et al (1), liver transplant (LT) has been performed for Wilson's disease patients with failing livers and more controversially for neurologic disease. The majority of patients transplanted for Wilson's disease in a registry from the United States (2) and in a report from France (3) were adults with end-stage liver disease and its complications. These series ...

Tumor suppressor LKB1 inhibits the progression of gallbladder carcinoma and predicts the prognosis of patients with this malignancy.

Gallbladder carcinoma (GBC) represents the most common fatal tumors of the biliary tract. The 3-year or 5-year survival rate for patients with this disease are 30 and 5%, respectively. Liver kinase B1 (LKB1), a primary upstream kinase of adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK) necessary for maintaining cell metabolism and energy homeostasis, has been found to be an important tumor...

miR‑448 targets Rab2B and is pivotal in the suppression of pancreatic cancer.

Improvements in survival rates for pancreatic cancer have been slow and the morality rate continues to increase in patients. MicroRNA (miR)‑448 is reported to be significantly downregulated in several types of cancer. In this study, Rab2B is target of miR‑488 was confirmed by bioinformatics analysis and validated using a luciferase reporter assay. A total of 72 cases of pancreatic cancer in pa...

Association of vesicoureteral reflux and renal scarring in urinary tract infections.

The aim was to investigate the relationship between vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) and renal damage in non-febrile, febrile for the first time and recurrent urinary tract infection (UTI) patients. The secondary aim was to determine whether C-reactive protein (CRP) in febrile UTIs could be a predictor of renal scarring.

Vitamin D in pediatrics, pregnancy and lactation.

The main source of vitamin D is produced by the exposure of sunlight on the skin. It has been proven that the deficit is frequent and also occurs in pregnant women. Possible consequences may be preeclampsia and others. The level of vitamin D in breast milk depends on the level of the mother, so that deficient mothers produce milk with low concentration. Possible consequences for the baby are ricke...

NMR-based metabolic profiling of urine, serum, fecal, and pancreatic tissue samples from the Ptf1a-Cre; LSL-KrasG12D transgenic mouse model of pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States with more than 53,000 expected to be diagnosed with the disease in 2018. The median survival time after diagnosis is four to six months. The poor survival statistics are due in part to the fact that pancreatic cancer is typically asymptomatic until it reaches advanced stages of the disease. Although surgical resecti...

Prediction of premature ventricular complex origin in left vs. right ventricular outflow tract: a novel anatomical imaging approach.

Left ventricular (LV) outflow tract ventricular arrhythmias (OTVA) are associated with hypertension (HT), older age, and LV dysfunction, suggesting that LV overload plays a role in the aetiopathogenesis. We hypothesized that anatomical modifications of the LV outflow tract (LVOT) could predict left vs. right OTVA site of origin (SOO).

Outbreak of West Nile Virus disease in Israel (2015): A retrospective analysis of notified cases.

West Nile Virus (WNV) is mosquito-borne virus that is endemic in Israel. In 2015, national disease surveillance demonstrated a sharp increase in disease cases, with 149 cases diagnosed.

Conformal coating by multilayer Nano-encapsulation for the protection of human pancreatic islets: In-Vitro and In-Vivo studies.

To improve the efficiency of pancreatic islet transplantation, we performed in-vitro and in-vivo experiments with isolated human pancreatic islets coated by multi-layer nano-encapsulation using differently charged polymers [chitosan and poly(sodium styrene sulfonate)] to obtain up to 9 layers. The islet coating (thickness: 104.2±4.2nm) was uniform, with ≥ 90% cell viability and well preserved b...

Chemerin in human cardiovascular disease.

Adipose tissue, initially known only for storing excess fat, produces a number of active cytokine-like hormones, collectively known as adipokines or adipocytokines. These molecules are further known to elicit auto-, para- and endocrine functions in the body. In healthy bodies, the cardiovascular endothelium maintains vascular health by critically controlling the interplay between various factors. ...

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