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Assessment of Accuracy and Usability of a Fee Estimator for Ambulatory Care in an Integrated Health Care Delivery Network.

Given increased enrollment in high-deductible health insurance plans and mandates from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, individualized price transparency tools are needed.

The association between the cost and quality of diets of children in Canada.

To examine the association between the cost and quality of diets of grade 5 children in Alberta, Canada.

Complexity, cost, and content - three important factors for translation of clinical protein mass spectrometry tests, and the case for apolipoprotein C-III proteoform testing.

Complexity, cost, and content are three important factors that can impede translation of clinical protein mass spectrometry (MS) tests at a larger scale. Complexity stems from the many components/steps involved in bottom-up protein MS workflows, making them significantly more complicated than enzymatic immunoassays (EIA) that currently dominate clinical testing. This complexity inevitably leads to...

Mapping the EORTC QLQ-C30 and QLQ-H&N35 to the EQ-5D for head and neck cancer: Can disease-specific utilities be obtained?

Innovations in head and neck cancer (HNC) treatment are often subject to economic evaluation prior to their reimbursement and subsequent access for patients. Mapping functions facilitate economic evaluation of new treatments when the required utility data is absent, but quality of life data is available. The objective of this study is to develop a mapping function translating the EORTC QLQ-C30 to ...

Awareness of "The Real Cost" Campaign Among US Middle and High School Students: National Youth Tobacco Survey, 2017.

Monitoring awareness of a public education campaign can help to better understand the extent of sustained population-level exposure to the campaign. We examined unaided awareness (awareness that does not include a visual image to remind the respondent of the campaign or advertisement) and correlates of unaided awareness of "The Real Cost," a national youth tobacco education campaign developed by t...

Synergistic effect of Cu loading on Fe sites of fly ash for enhanced catalytic reduction of nitrophenol.

A novel Cu catalyst was developed using water-washed coal fly ash (WFA) as a support material for catalytic reduction of p-nitrophenol (p-NP) in the presence of NaBH. Cu/WFA showed ~ × 10 times higher estimated rate constant k/C (L min g) compared with Cu/SiO, Cu/AlO, and other Cu catalysts previously reported. Surprisingly, we obtained a significant lower price value (Price'/K) (0.027-0.068 ...

Nonadherence to Any Prescribed Medication Due to Costs Among Adults with HIV Infection - United States, 2016-2017.

The United States spends more per capita on prescription drugs than do other high-income countries (1). In 2017, patients paid 14% of this cost out of pocket (2). Prescription drug cost-saving strategies, including nonadherence to medications due to cost concerns, have been documented among U.S. adults (3) and can negatively affect morbidity and, in the case of persons with human immunodeficiency ...

Comprehensive value assessment of drugs using a multi-criteria decision analysis: An example of targeted therapies for metastatic colorectal cancer treatment.

This study is aimed toward establishing a decision-making model with multiple criteria for appraisal and reimbursement to compare the attitudes of different stakeholders toward various dimensions and criteria and to evaluate the five targeted therapies (bevacizumab, cetuximab, panitumumab, aflibercept, and regorafenib) for metastatic colorectal cancer.

Real world, big data cost of pharmaceutical treatment for rheumatoid arthritis in Greece.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a highly prevalent autoimmune disease associated with joint inflammation and destruction. Treatment for RA, especially with biologic agents (biologics), improves patient functionality and quality of life and averts costly complications or disease progression. Cost of RA pharmaceutical treatment has rarely been reported on the basis of real-world, big data. This study r...

Implementation of a standardized pharmacist check of medical orders prior to preparation of anticancer drugs to reduce drug wastage.

The increasing cost of anticancer drugs is now being recognized as a global problem, and measures against drug wastage are among the most important cost containment strategies for anticancer drugs.

Economic impact of kidney patients with sepsis in hospital setting.

Over the last decades, sepsis has become a real medical emergency, with a high mortality rate and often requiring admission to an intensive care unit. An increasing number of CKD patients contracts sepsis due to several clinical risk factors (use of catheters, immunosuppressive therapy, comorbidity, etc.) and is treated in Nephrology wards, generating additional costs that are not covered by hospi...

Priorities in research on foodborne parasites indicated by short-term scientific missions as part of COST action a European work for foodborne parasites (Euro-FBP).

The European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) is a funding organization for the creation of research networks. These networks support collaboration and networking among scientists across Europe and thereby give impetus to research advancements and innovation. One of the most important mechanisms of COST actions are the short-term scientific missions (STSM), which are a funding mechanis...

Cost-effectiveness of TLC-sucrose octasulfate versus control dressings in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.

Diabetes is one of the most widespread diseases in Germany. Common complications are diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), which are associated with a cost-intensive treatment and serious adverse events, such as infections, amputations. This cost-effectiveness analysis compares two treatment options for patients with DFU: a TLC-NOSF dressing versus a neutral dressing, assessed through a European double-blin...

Cost-effectiveness of adjunct haemoglobin spray in the treatment of hard-to-heal wounds in a UK NHS primary care setting.

To evaluate the cost-effectiveness of topical haemoglobin spray as adjunct therapy in the treatment of hard-to-heal wounds within a UK National Health Service (NHS) community setting.

Production cost of autologous platelet rich plasma gel.

to estimate the direct cost of producing autologous platelet rich plasma gel.

Matrix therapy is a cost-effective solution to reduce amputation risk and improve quality of life: pilot and case studies.

Chronic, non-healing ulcers remain one of the most challenging clinical situations for health care practitioners. Often, conventional treatments fail and lead to amputation, further decreasing the patient's quality of life and resulting in enormous medical expenditures for healthcare systems. Here we evaluated the use of and cost-effectiveness of the RGTA (ReGeneraTing Agents) medical device CACIP...

Cost-effectiveness of antimicrobial treatment for inpatients with carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae infection: a systematic review of economic evidence.

The objective of this review was to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of antimicrobial therapy for patients with carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae infection.

Radius and ulna locking intramedullary nails are safe and reliable after adolescent forearm fractures: a case-controlled study in adolescents.

The aim of this study is to compare the radiological and functional results of newly designed radius and ulna intramedullary nails (IMNs) with those of titanium elastic nails (TENs) for forearm fractures in adolescents requiring surgery. Patients aged between 10 and 17 years who underwent surgery for forearm fractures between January 2011 and January 2018 were retrospectively evaluated. Of the 45 ...

Date of Service Provision and Date of Payment in Claims Data: Dealing with Time Differences.

The paper quantifies discrepancies between date of payment and date of service provision when doing analyses in relation to date of death and also in relation to the end of a calendar year. In analyses of this type, time differences between service provision and payment can lead to both under- and overestimation of service use. We aim to capture these phenomena in claims data from different sector...

The gain of so few at the cost of so many.


To evaluate effects of reimbursement policy change on visual outcomes of patients with diabetic macular edema treated with ranibizumab.

Access to essential cardiovascular medicines for children: a pilot study of availability, price and affordability in Nigeria.

Policies to improve access to medicines for children in low- and middle-income countries, such as Nigeria, should consider the growing threat of non-communicable diseases. The aim of this pilot study was to scope availability, price and affordability of essential cardiovascular medicines for children in selected states in Nigeria. The study was a descriptive longitudinal survey conducted in three ...

Quality Focus: PDPM: Significant Change in Skilled Service Payment.

Costs and Complications Associated with Infected Mesh for Ventral Hernia Repair.

Mesh hernia repair is widely accepted because of the associated reduction in hernia recurrence compared with suture-based repair. Despite initiatives to reduce risk, mesh infection and mesh removal are a significant challenge. In an era of healthcare value, it is essential to understand the global cost of care, including the incidence and cost of complications. The purpose of this study was to ide...

Evaluation of disease severity and treatment intensity as cost drivers for ruptured intracranial aneurysms.

Previous studies have not evaluated the impact of illness severity and postrupture procedures in the cost of care for intracranial aneurysms. We hypothesize that the severity of aneurysm rupture and the aggressiveness of postrupture interventions play a role in cost.

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