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04:26 EST 23rd January 2019 | BioPortfolio

A BioPortfolio Membership Service for corporate organizations, NGOs and Public Relations firms

Ensuring your press releases, articles and blog posts are added to our newsfeed (news feed), disseminated via our RSS feeds, 127,000 social media followers, and, published to our targeted audience of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life-science visitors.

What can we offer?

20,000-25,000 weekly visitors
30-35,000 weekly page views
126,000+ social media followers

PR Agency and individuals

BioPortfolio has been publishing press releases for a number of large PR Agencies including; Instinctif, Richard Hayhurst Associates, Zyme Communications, SarumPR, plus many other......  To ensure that your clients press releases get individual attention we launched our unique service "BioNewsCast".  This service provides PR Agencies with considerable added-value and certainty that their clients press releases will be published rapidly and in a highly professional and timely manner to a targeted life-science and healthcare audience.  

As a PR Agency subscriber BioPortfolio will work with you via a dedicated account manager to ensure that we receive your clients press releases, publish at the correct time and optimize dissemmenation via our social media channels.  We disseminate your news via an unlimited number of RSS newsfeeds and 126,000 social media followers.  Review our leading social media accounts.

BioNewsCast Subscription Packages:

  • One press release - $60.00
  • Power Package (10 press releases) - $500.00 - $50.00 per release!

Please note that our charges are only a contribution to the overhead cost of publication.  Advertising and Report sales cross-subsidise the BioNewsCast service.

Key benefits of the BioNewsCast service:

  Starter Package Power Package
Number of Press Releases 1 10
Social Media
Enhanced Social Media
Twitter Reach 10,000 120,000+
Confirmation Email
Account Set up
Dedicated Account Management
RSS Feed
Office Hours 2pm - 10pm (EST)
9am - 5pm (GMT)
2pm - 10pm (EST)
9am - 5pm (GMT)
Response Time
120 Minutes or less

60 Minutes or Less
Estimated Time to Upload 30 - 60 Minutes 15 - 30 Minutes
Price $60.00 $500.00
  Buy Now Buy Now

Social Media: A one off tweet to our social media accounts, including title of press release and link to the press release.

Support: If you require any changes to the press release or it needs removing we can do that for you, simply drop us an email and we will do the rest for you. Support Monday to Friday.

We have worked with several of our PR Agency clients for over 20 years. Our clients find us easy to work with - all they have to do is send BioPortfolio their clients press release and any relevant images and we do the rest - publish to the internet, ensure rapid uptake by search engines and pro-actively push out to targeted social media accounts!

Subscribing and publishing your client's press releases is managed quickly and effectively by a dedicated BioPortfolio Account Manager:

  1. Open Purchase Link - - pay by credit card or request a proforma invoice.
  2. Email your press releases - to the BioPortfolio team. The BioPortfolio team will do the rest - import text, meta tags, corporate logo and images.
  3. Follow publication with your own RSS feed - (eg Instinctif)
  4. Track news, research, trials and competitors with your own MyBioPortfolio account.
  • Your content stays live on BioPortfolio for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Your content will be indexed by the major search engines within an hour of publication.
  • BioPortfolio will send out social media tweets to selected Twitter accounts
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