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KJI Industrial Co Ltd

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Insan bamboosalt toothpaste [Insan Bamboo Salt Inc]

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Tiger balm [Haw Par Healthcare Ltd.]


Tiger balm [Haw Par Healthcare Ltd.]


Absorbine jr. [W. F. Young, Inc.]

Absorbine Jr BACK PATCH

Absorbine jr [W. F. Young, Inc.]


Clinical Trials [607 Associated Clinical Trials listed on BioPortfolio]

The Effect of New Dentifrices Containing Centella Asiatica and Bamboo Salt on Reducing Plaque and Gingivitis

This study aims to evaluate the effect of dentifrice formulations containing Centella asiatica and bamboo salt on gingivitis and dental plaque. Participants uses dentifrice which contains ...

An Exploratory Study Investigating Adhesive Reaction to Output

The objective is to investigate the impact that faecal output has on adhesives.

Photoirritation and Photoallergic Potential of a New Nicotine Patch

An evaluation of the effects of UV exposure following the use of a new nicotine patch.

HES Patch Versus Blood Patch

The injection of autologous blood Blood Patch (BP) into the epidural space is the standard treatment for headache associated with intracranial hypotension. It provokes cerebral vasoconstri...

Study to Assess the Effectiveness and Safety of FLECTOR® Patch for Treatment of Acute Back Strain

Although approved for minor strains, sprains and contusions, FLECTOR® Patch has not been studied extensively in the setting of acute back strain. This study is being conducted as an init...

PubMed Articles [501 Associated PubMed Articles listed on BioPortfolio]

Effects of Bamboo Biochar on Greenhouse Gas Emissions During the Municipal Sludge Composting Process.

Effect of adding bamboo biochar into the compost at different dosages on greenhouse gas emissions was investigated by analyzing the dynamic characteristics of the process of municipal sludge compostin...

Neural networks in spatialization of meteorological elements and their application in the climatic agricultural zoning of bamboo.

Bamboo has an important role in international commerce due to its diverse uses, but few studies have been conducted to evaluate its climatic adaptability. Thus, the objective of this study was to cons...

Anti-ageing skin effects of Korean bamboo salt on SKH1 hairless mice.

Bamboo salt is generated by baking bamboo and sea salt and is used as a traditional food or medicine. The aim of this study was to investigate the anti-ageing skin effects of Korean bamboo salt and to...

Changes of chemical composition and hemicelluloses structure in differently aged bamboo (Neosinocalamus affinis) culms.

To study the differences in chemical composition analysis and spatial distribution of young Neosinocalamus affinis bamboo, we used the method of standard of National Renewable Energy Laboratory and co...

Effect of bamboo vinegar powder as an antibiotic alternative on the digesta bacteria communities of finishing pigs.

This study investigated the use for bamboo vinegar powder as an antibiotic alternative in the diet of growing-finishing pigs by examining their digestive bacterial communities. Forty-five Duroc × Lan...

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