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USP NITROUS OXIDE, COMPRESSED UN 1070 WARNING:  HIGH PRESSURE OXIDIZING LIQUID AND GAS VIGOROUSLY ACCELERATES COMBUSTION CAN CAUSE RAPID SUFFOCATION CAN CAUSE ANESTHETIC EFFECTS MAY CAUSE FROSTBITE Avoid breathing gas.  Store and use with adequate ventilation Keep oil and grease away Use only with equipment cleaned for nitrous oxide service and rated for cylinder pressure Do not get liquid in eyes, on skin, or clothing.  Cylinder temperature should not exceed 52 C (125 F)  Open valve slowly  Close valve when not in use and when empty.  Use in accordance with (refer to acceptable safety literature).

Note:  Suck back into cylinder may cause rupture.  Always use a back flow preventive device in the piping. FIRST AID:  If inhaled, remove to fresh air.  If not breathing, giveartificial respiration.  If breathing is difficult, give oxygen.  Calla physician. Do Not Remove this Product Label

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Clinical Trials [686 Associated Clinical Trials listed on BioPortfolio]

Network-Level Effects of Nitrous Oxide in the Human Brain

The purpose of this study is to understand how a commonly used drug, nitrous oxide, acts on the brain to reduce pain. Nitrous oxide is commonly used in anesthesiology but there is limited ...

Study Of the Nitrous Oxide Perception in Health Students

In order to evaluate the perception of the Nantes health students we wish to place an anonymous survey concerning their training, their knowledge of the legislative framework governing the...

Effects of Low Concentrations of Nitrous Oxide

The aim of the study is to test the effects of low concentrations of nitrous oxide on cognitive functions and reaction time in human.

Efficacy of Nitrous Oxide in OCD: Pilot Study

This study investigates whether the commonly used and well-tolerated inhaled anesthetic nitrous oxide can rapidly improve symptoms of OCD.

Reinforcing Effects of Brief Exposures to Nitrous Oxide - 8

The purpose of this study is to conduct experiments to examine subjective and reinforcing effects of nitrous oxide. Mood altering and psychomotor effects will be tested on non-drug abuser...

PubMed Articles [2484 Associated PubMed Articles listed on BioPortfolio]

George Washington Frost Mellen and Resuscitation with Nitrous Oxide in 1847.

In The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal of 1847 (later to be called The New England Journal of Medicine), Boston chemist George Washington Frost Mellen claimed that inhaled nitrous oxide gas suppor...

James M. Osgood: An Inventor Behind Sprague's "Self-Watching" Apparatus for G.Q. Colton's Revival of Nitrous-Oxide Anesthesia.

Inventor J.M. Osgood enabled a fellow Massachusetts inventor, A.W. Sprague, to manufacture heat-regulated nitrous-oxide generators. These generators assisted New Yorker G.Q. Colton in opening exodonti...

Acute cognitive disorder as the initial manifestation of nitrous oxide abusing: a case report.

Nitrous oxide (NO) is a colorless, odorless gas used as an anesthetic and analgesic. It is also abused as a recreational drug, and such abuse is associated with neurological disorders and psychiatric ...

Divine's CO Absorber of 1867.

Chemist and inventor Silas R. Divine (1838-1912) sold ammonium nitrate and other anesthesia supplies in New York City. He offered a carbon dioxide absorber for the purpose of rebreathing nitrous oxide...

Forecasting Nitrous Oxide emissions based on grey system models.

Accurate forecasting is required to measure future national energy performance levels in order to establish clear policies for both monitoring and reducing Nitrous Oxide and other harmful emissions. U...

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