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Oxygen, Refrigerated Liquid USPUN1073

Produced by air liquefaction

CAUTION: Federal Law Prohibits dispensing without prescription

This Unit when full contains __ Liquid Liters.

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Clinical Trials [2021 Associated Clinical Trials listed on BioPortfolio]

Effects of Supplemental Oxygen Delivered by a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Compared to a Liquid Oxygen Device in COPD

The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of supplemental oxygen on blood oxygenation at rest in Patients with severe to very severe COPD comparing the portable oxygen concentrat...

Oxygen Portable Concentrator During Exercises in Patients With COPD

The purpose of this study is to compare differences in oxygen delivery between portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) and liquid oxygen (LOs) portable units, pose a question if POCs are equa...

Prospective Study Comparing Different Modalities of Oxygen Delivery During Assessment of Functional Exercise Capacity

Objectives: The objective of this study is to determine if any differences exist between the varying modes of portable oxygen delivery systems including liquid oxygen, a portable concentr...

Effects of Different Oxygen Devices in Hypoxemic COPD Patients

Taken recent literature together, there is a sufficient number of trials investigating the effect of different oxygen devices. However, studies comparing oxygen delivery via portable oxyge...

Maternal Oxygen Administration for Fetal Distress II

Supplementary oxygen is routinely administered to patients, even those with adequate oxygen saturations, in the belief that it increases oxygen delivery. However, oxygen delivery depends n...

PubMed Articles [6468 Associated PubMed Articles listed on BioPortfolio]


Oxygen isotope analysis of water molecules of liquid foodstuffs is commonly performed under isotopic equilibrium between water in the solution and the vapour water, assuming that the liquid water acti...

First-Principles Simulations of Liquid Water Using a Dielectric-Dependent Hybrid Functional.

We carried out first-principles simulations of liquid water at ambient conditions using a dielectric-dependent hybrid functional, where the fraction of exact exchange is set equal to the inverse of th...

Oxygen vacancies modulated Bi-rich bismuth oxyiodide microspheres with tunable valence band position to boost the photocatalytic activity.

How to optimize the photogenerated electron-hole pairs' separation efficiency and redox performance of defective photocatalysts is still a concern for photocatalysis research. In this study, rich oxyg...

X-ray Scattering and O-O Pair-Distribution Functions of Amorphous Ices.

The structure factor and oxygen-oxygen pair-distribution functions of amorphous ices at liquid nitrogen temperature ( T = 77 K) have been derived from wide-angle X-ray scattering (WAXS) up to interato...

Enzymatic glucose/oxygen biofuel cells: Use of oxygen-rich cathodes for operation under severe oxygen-deficit conditions.

A glucose/oxygen biofuel cell (BFC) that can operate continuously under oxygen-free conditions is described. The oxygen-deficit limitations of metabolite/oxygen enzymatic BFCs have been addressed by u...

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